How to get that sunless summer glow

Hi Everyone!

My parents invited me to spend a few days with them on the beach before I return to work. Even though I live in Florida, I rarely go to the beach. I am super fair and I just end up getting very red…all for nothing because I don’t get tan. My sister gets the most beautiful glowy tan skin but I am just not that lucky. I have purchased many spray tans at a local tanning spot and love them. I just think when you are tan and “glowy” your makeup, skin, and body looks SO MUCH BETTER. I mean who doesn’t want a product that makes you look skinny and pretty?

Usually right before any type of vacation/trip I get a spray tan the night before. This time, however, I didn’t have the time to get a spray tan. Which brings me to my favorite new obsession: 2 hour express deluxe bronzing mousse by Loving Tan ( I am obsessed with this product and NO I AM NOT SPONSORED. A friend referred this product to me and it is literally the only sunless tanner that is super luxurious and the real deal. I use the dark 2 Hour express with the mitt and it came with a bonus small bronzing cream. I definitely recommend getting the mitt applicator …on their website they have a bundle you can purchase for 44.95. I have already used it 4 times and it gives me a beautiful glowy tan right from home.

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