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Hi Everyone!

First and foremost I want to thank everyone for ALL the amazing and beautiful messages I received about the launch of my blog and my recent post all about my favorite new self tanning product by Loving Tan 2 hr express tanning mouse (find product here). Creating a blog has been on my heart for years. I would always test the waters but never fully did anything about my desire to write about the things I LOVE. I would always make excuses and I honestly just really let fear control me. Until one day my pastor talked about how this is the year to fulfill your heart’s desire. I don’t know why but I immediately looked at my phone, wrote down the name of what I wanted to call my blog and I opened up an account on Instagram. I was shocked it was even available-to be honest. I let that account sit vacant for a long time as I still was very nervous. I’m thinking: The internet is SATURATED with bloggers- I am just “white noise”, I am not the most gifted at posing for pictures, I don’t have the best body as I am still working towards losing weight after giving birth, etc etc. These are some of the things that have stopped me from doing what has been on my heart for years. I am ashamed to even admit that to you. After I had my son, I almost died, and I think between being a mom and having that experience, I realized that life is too short to spend it bound in fear. So even if one person reads this or a million, I hope you can find the courage to pursue your dreams too.

Okay….moving on! I love talking about some of my favorite products but I also love reading a good book. My mom is a teacher and always took us to the library-so my love for reading started pretty young. I don’t get to read as many novels as I like but I am hoping to start up again. Yesterday I quickly cleaned the kitchen, put Tommy to sleep just so I could finish my book and it was SOOO good I had to share! Don’t you love it when you find a book you can’t stop reading?

So, I recently read the book “Sense and Sensibility” by Jane Austin. It is SO good. I am aware that many people have read this book and that it’s probably not new news but I love a good love story. I don’t know why but there is something about a good historical love fiction that gets me. And of course the greatest ones are from England. Except one of my favorite books is “Gone With the Wind” and that takes place in the south.

You can find the summary/plot of Sense and Sensibility here. Be careful because there might be a spoiler alert. 😆

Here’s what I think:

This book takes you on so many twists and turns. I was honestly glued to the book and finished it in 2 days. My favorite character is Marianne. She like so many of us has fallen in love with the wrong person and finds out that all she ever wanted/ needed in life was right before her eyes. My favorite line from the book is “she was stronger alone”. This is the ultimate comeback/ redemption/love story.

Let me know what other books you like/recommend on my recent Instagram post: busygirlglamblog I’m ready for the next read!

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