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Hey Everyone,

So next week I embark on a new chapter and return to work. Many of you might not know but I am a teacher and really love what I do. There is something about raising up the next generation to be explorers, thinkers, and creatives that makes my heart skip for joy. Surprisingly, the comment I get the most after I had Tommy is: are you REALLY going back to work? One person in particular told me, and I quote… “oh, you work, why”? I really dread these types of questions because it’s sort of an insult to not only me but to my husband who provides a very good life for Tommy and I. My mom is a teacher and my dad is a doctor. She probably never really HAD to work but she loves teaching and probably why I love it so much too. I think being raised around strong women really shaped who I am today. I wonder if the women who ask these types of questions would even dare ask women like Jamie Lima (IT COSMETICS CEO) or Jan Singer (SPANX CEO) or the countless other women professionals that are in the world. Many women who are doctors, lawyers, CEOS, teachers, entrepreneurs and other professionals all have families while love their work. These are the types of women I look up to- strong successful women who also have strong successful families.

I am by all means not saying it is easy. Some days I would love to just stay at home with Tommy and there are days that are easier than others. However, the good days usually outnumber the bad and that is the grind that keeps me going. I always tell my husband, JR, that even if I decided to stay home, I’d probably be running a small business from my living room, that’s just the person I am! My dad always told me over and over: ‘get an education’ and ‘make your own money’. Too many times I have seen the “who’s who” of women get the heartbreak of their life only to find themselves desperately searching for whatever work they can find because they depended solely on their husband for income.

I struggle to even write that but it’s the truth.

There are so many different situations out there, some women work a traditional job, some help their husband’s business, some women support their family by being a CEO of the household. There is NO right or wrong but as women we should support each other not tear each other down. Sometimes I wonder if people realize that some might actually LIKE what they do.

With that said, I am looking forward to returning to work. I am thankful to have a very strong support system for Tommy. Otherwise, I would be home (running a business from my living room😆). Whatever role you play, I know it isn’t easy but know you CAN do it. Whether you work because you HAVE to, WANT to, or made the sacrifice to be selfless and stay home to take care of your family; whether single, married, or divorced: you are braver and stronger than you think and you CAN do it.

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