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Hi Everyone!

“Back to School” is in full swing! Parents are happy and the kids are crying (Lol). One of the things I always looked forward to besides new school clothes was new school supplies😄. I received a few messages about what school supplies people should buy, so I compiled this list of my top 10 items for back to school. I hope you enjoy.

1. Crayons and colored pencils. I prefer colored pencils because sometimes crayons can be a little too waxy and pencils are more precise.

2. Pencils and erasers. This is obvious but I always get extra and store them. For some reason,  by December, all the pencils have “run away”.😂

3. Glue sticks. I didn’t put liquid glue because believe it or not most teachers do not like liquid glue because it gets really messy. Keep liquid glue at home for slime and other big projects.

4. Blue and black pens. This might be specific to upper grades; however, I love these Papermate InkJoy pens. They write so smoothly.

5. Different color folders. These are awesome for organization and I like to label them for each subject.

6. Rulers. These are great for math and tracing lines for notes and other assignments.

7. Composition books. Most of the teachers I know prefer composition books not the spiral ones because the spiral can come out and cut the person’s hand or get tangled with another spiral notebook. It becomes a mess, just stick with composition books.

8. Computer. Some of you might be like why does my child need a computer? The truth is, education is becoming more and more paperless. Some schools require students to do assignments online. So investing in some sort of computer, e-tablet is worthwhile.

9. Backpack/ pencil case. Be careful about purchasing the roller backpacks as some schools do not allow them. Check with your school first.

10. Highlighters. Okay, so this is super important for annotating text, note taking and vocabulary. I love the packs with different colors because you can use the colors for specific items you are highlighting.

I just want to wish everyone a happy school year whether your little one is going to school for the first time or you yourself are off to college/ graduate school. You can do anything you set your mind too!

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