THE FAB FIVE: it Cosmetics Favorites

Hi Everyone,

This post is LONG overdue. If you follow me, you know I love itCosmetics. It is one of my FAVORITE beauty brands. I came across it while on maternity leave. I needed an easy everyday foundation that could easily withstand weather. After I had my baby, I began walking every day, and I needed something that wasn’t heavy like a foundation but still covered. Then I came across iT Cosmetics CC cream. Almost immediately I noticed my postpartum skin looking revived and healthy. I began getting a ton of compliments on my skin and when you are a new mom you don’t get much sleep. Let’s just say I needed a good product! Never the less, I became hooked and it’s all history from there.

So, I decided to share my top 5 favorite iT Cosmetics products. It was hard! There are SO many I love and they are all SO GOOD.

1. CC Oil Free Matte: I use this EVERYDAY. I love it so much. It lasts all day through work and my workout afterwards. It’s THAT good. It’s not heavy, it’s just magic. It minimizes pores and gives you the look of healthy vibrant skin.


(In this picture I used CC Matte & Superhero mascara; before applying my makeup -Confidence in a cleanser & Confidence in a Cream)

2. Confidence in a Cream: I use this every day. It’s like a “drink” for your skin. It keeps you hydrated but not oily.

3. Superhero Mascara: I use this every day and I love it. I don’t have long lashes, so I purchased this because so many people swear by it. It’s really worth it and I even bought one for my sister for Mother’s Day.

4. Confidence in a Cleanser: I use this every day and I can even use it to clean my makeup brushes. It’s so gentle but removes all my makeup.

5. Bye Bye Under Eye: I haven’t purchased this yet, but it is in my cart. I can not wait to try it. If you look on iT Cosmetics website you will see it is proven to not crease and it comes in 48 shades, so I’m definitely purchasing the under eye cream.

Let me know if there are other iT Cosmetics products I should try!


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