Currently there is a HUGE sale going on at Sephora. This has to be one of my favorite sales because I can stock up on all of my favorites. After I gave birth to Tommy I was shopping a lot at Sephora just because nothing fit and let’s be real….a new bronzer and concealer made me feel happier. I don’t know if I can leave Sephora with just one item. Jr will wait for me to get “one thing” and completely crack up at me when I leave with a huge bag (oops haha) of products I NEED. The sales always seem to be at the perfect time because I am starting to run out of some of my “holy grail” I swear by type items. I love going inside of Sephora and testing out all the different products they have to offer.

Recently I went in there with Tommy and boy has he changed since he was an infant. He used to sit in the stroller quietly as I shopped. Now, every time I would go down an aisle he would try to grab on to something. So, now I do most of my shopping while Jr waits outside of the store for me or online.

Here are the sale details: The sale runs until Sept. 3- There is a 20% off sale for VIB ROUGE members, on 8/30 VIB members will get 15% off and beauty insiders (you just have to have a free online account) will receive 10% off your purchase.


I recently went to Sephora. On the way there my husband is like…you know Starbucks is now selling pumpkin spice lattes….so I HAD to grab one on the way. 😉


Here are my favorites from the sale:

1. The Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder. This item is literally my favorite. It goes on very sheer and it’s not sparkly but it is like an Instagram filter for your face! It is SO good. I usually use it as a setting powder when I am finished putting on my makeup. It just melts everything together and gives you this amazing finish.


2. The Dior Nude Air Luminizer Powder. This is sparkly but it almost is like a sparkly sheen. It just makes you glow. This is especially good for tired skin. You’ve been working all day, or you are at school and you want to look rested and glowing- this is your new bestie. You can use it as a blush or a highlighter.


3. Grande Lash- MD: This is a new item for me. My sister in law is a lash artist. She does amazing work. I do not have the best eyelashes (unlike my sister who does). So she gave me a lash lift and told me to wear this serum every night. I did and my lashes were longer and curled up! Yes…curled up! If you know me, that is not normal for me. I am obsessed with this. I have even used it on my eyebrows to fill in the top. In three days I had to tweeze my eyebrows which I rarely ever do. Also, I get allergies in my eyes and I never had a flare up which is a PLUS. My point is, if this product works for me-i’m sure it’ll do wonders for you!


4. The Glamglow masks are AH-MAZINGGGGG.When I was in college I struggled with serious acne; which was sort of ironic because I had really clear skin in high school. This was suggested to me probably my senior year in college by a Sephora associate. It is a mask that for a long time was a secret to the stars for clear perfect skin. This product gets rid of acne and shrinks pores. When I had really bad skin I was doing it almost 3 times a week. Now I do it one time a week or if I get a pimple I use it as a spot treatment over night. You look crazy overnight with dark blue dots all over your face (lol) but when you wash your face in the morning the pimple is gone!


5. This Tatcha Luminous Dewy Skin Mist is the best primer and finishing spray ever! It is SO good. It doesn’t make your skin oily-just hydrated. It is super refreshing and makes your makeup apply beautifully. It minimizes the look of pores and I love how it sets your makeup for long lasting wear all day. Tatcha products are a little pricey but long lasting and worth every penny.



6. Kopari Coconut Lip Glossy: I speak a lot for a living and my mouth is always dry. This product keeps your lips moist but not greasy or sticky. I started using this for work and I leave it in my desk all the time. It has a coconut base to it and it leave lips hydrated and silky smooth.


7. This NARS Radiant Longwear Foundation is EXACTLY how it sounds. It’s so good. I usually mix one pump with my CC MATTE cream foundation. For me, it’s the perfect match and combo. I love it and it works for me. It’s medium to full coverage and you can definitely wear it alone. As you can see in the picture it is used a lot! It’s my secret to creating a glowy I’m not a tired working/ woman/ mom/wife look (shhhh don’t tell anyone I told you though lol).


8. Last but NEVER the least my FAV foundation of ALL TIME…the CC MATTE from IT Cosmetics. I love this company for so many reasons but especially for their products. I recently did a IT COSMETICS post here. If you don’t know, IT stands for INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGY. It was created with plastic surgeons and all of their products improve your skin over time because it is ANTI-AGING…YUP YOU READ THAT RIGHT. Ladies and Gents it’s time to turn the clock back a few years back (lol). I swear by this and I even got one for my mom. She had a small reunion with her family in New York and everyone was talking about how great her skin looked and how young she looks and that she has NO WRINKLES. She was so excited she called me up and told me all about it. I was so happy for her because these products really do work and why not support a company that empowers other women.


I have so many other tried and true products that I absolutely love. If you want to know about something else, let me know in the comments section below or on Instagram (@busygirlglamblog). Sharing and connecting with all of you has probably been my favorite part about blogging. I feel like I have spoken with some of the most hard working incredible women. I hope after reading this post you treat yourself to a yummy latte and something special at Sephora.

You deserve it beautiful!

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