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Happy Sunday!

Today I will be talking about some of my top choices skincare for men. It’s no secret that I think IT COSMETICS has some of the best products out there. When I first married my husband I realized that he had no real skin care regiment. Sometimes, I think it is important for men to take care of their skin even more so then women. Women can cover up skin problems with makeup but some men walk around with really bad skin and that’s all people see (unfortunately). So I am sharing some skin care items that can help men get get clean, clear, bright skin. All of IT COSMETICS products are anti-aging so your man will look younger and fresher than ever. I realized as a wife it was my responsibility to really help my husband with this. Right now Sephora is having a HUGE sale and it is a perfect time to get these items. The Sephora sale ends Monday September 3.

  1. Confidence in a Cleanser: This is a daily face wash for morning and night.
  2. BYE BYE Under Eye Cream: This is great for those dark under eye circles and puffiness.
  3. Confidence in a Cream: This is like a “drink of water” for your skin. It is super refreshing and moisturizing.
  4. Miracle Water: This is a good regiment for taking off all of the impurities from the day off your face.
  5. Secret Sauce: Great for anti-aging skin regiment. It can be used anytime morning or night.



PS. These items are great for women too!


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