I am looking back at these photos and reminiscing all about how Jr and I started as new parents. We knew nothing (lol). We love our little baby so much. He is a little munchkin. I absolutely love being a mom and Jr is a great Dad. Being a parent is the best job in the world and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Just looking at these pictures makes my eyes water.

I haven’t shared my entire story about Tommy. I will share more of my pregnancy/ birth experience in another post, but Tommy is a miracle baby. When I started dating my husband, I began to experience some physical problems that worried me about getting pregnant one day. I was healthy my entire life and all of a sudden I had these weird health problems right when I meet the “right one”. Weird right? So, when we got married I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to conceive. We both come from very family oriented backgrounds and I felt devastated at the thought of not having my own babies one day.

Fast forward, two years after marriage my husband, Jr, and I knew the time was right to at least start trying to have a baby. We both go to a really great church and my husband and I asked for prayer from our pastor. He prayed for us and we believed God it would happen. Well, two weeks later another minister came to my husband and I and said you are going to have a baby and Jesus has healed you-not knowing we had just had prayer over our situation.

10 days later, my husband and I found out were pregnant. Ironically, we bought our dog, Simba, the two days before we found out.

So, Tommy is our miracle baby.

We were very grateful that my family and friends all chipped in at my baby shower to purchase our furniture and the baby products that we needed. All of our furniture is from BabysRus-we got it all before we found out they were going out of business.

It’s hard to find some really nice pictures of boy baby rooms because most baby items are geared towards girls. I knew I wanted soft blue, and my husbands idea was to have Dumbo as the theme. I know some of you might be thinking, why Dumbo. My husband loved that movie as a little boy and he loved the theme of: Don’t just fly-SOAR! We want Tommy to know that whatever he does in life he can be great at it and truly SOAR. Not pictured are some really cute cloud shelves that my husband purchased at Hobby Lobby. All of Tommy’s furniture is soft grey and the couch in his room is soft blue, to match the walls.

I miss Tommy at this age but honestly every stage it just gets better and better. We can’t imagine our life without him.

If you are struggling with conceiving, please send me a message I would love to pray for you. I know so many women that have received a miracle in all shapes and forms. If God can do it for them and for me, He can do it for you!

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