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Happy Sunday Everyone!

It’s been a crazy Sunday. You ever have one of those days where it’s one thing after the next? That was today. For starters, I got stuck in an elevator at my church. That was the first time it has ever happened and the whole time I’m thinking please don’t drop like the Tower of Terror…lol. Thankfully we were in there only a few minutes but my only concern was for Tommy and his safety. Thankfully, all was well. You would think that would be it but it just went crazy from there. At one point there was complete chaos in our home: the house alarm set off, my phone is ringing, my husband is scrambling to put our bags in the house, Tommy is crying and my just groomed dog is running around the house full of dirt barking…I grabbed my husband, gave him a BIG kiss and said no matter what we are in this together…What a day! Sometimes you just have to laugh at life.


Last Wednesday I posted some photos of Tommy’s nursery (post here). I got a lot of questions about what products I recommend for a new baby. It was hard to narrow it down to just a few but there were definitely a few items that really made life a little easier and some that I wish I had when Tommy was born.  All of the items mentioned are linked.


  1. 4 MOMS Momaroo: This item was very used when Tommy was an infant. I don’t use it as much anymore but it was great when he was a newborn. It holds the baby so well and mimics the motion of a parent’s arms. It can even be controlled from an app on your phone. Tommy used to take all his naps in this rocker.
  2. HALO Bassinest: I didn’t get this and I really regret it. The next baby I am definitely getting this “bassinest”. One of the things I love is that the sides bend over when you pick up the baby- which is super convenient in the middle of the night. It also can swing on top of the bed so you can safely be close to your baby, and it has a see through mesh so Mommy can see baby while he sleeps.
  3. Baby Organics: This item is great for bath time and they offer so many other products that help with cleaning the house and baby items safely. I use the wash, lotion, and house products.
  4. Baby K’TAN: This was my favorite baby carrier. It was so easy to carry Tommy in this so I could still do other things hands free.
  5. Nose Frida (snot sucker): When I got this as a gift I was grossed out. However, when Tommy got his first little cold it was the BEST item to help with decongestion.
  6. Milk Snob: I saw this on Shark Tank and it is seriously the best invention. It is a carrier cover, seat cover for restaurants and grocery story shopping carts, breast feeding cover and it even can be used as a scarf. I also used it as a blanket some times when Tommy was napping. It is super soft and a really good purchase.
  7. Dock-a-Tot: This item resembles the womb when a baby sleeps in it. Sometimes babies cry at night because they just want to feel comforted and this is something that makes babies feel at peace. When your baby is at peace, so is Mommy. I never got this but I really wish I had. Next baby for sure!
  8. Uppa Baby Cruz: I love this stroller. It is super easy to navigate, it’s lightweight, not bulky. It is versatile and sleek. We took this to Disney and it was very easy to get around in and held all of our items- without any problems. We use it for everything and I love that it comes with a larger seat that Tommy can use for a while. You can also purchase other accessories to customize it to fit your needs.



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