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How cute is this dress! I saw it at the store and loved the embroidered detail and how flowy it is. It is seriously the perfect dress that can flatter you no matter what shape you are. I can even see myself wearing it when it gets colder with boots and tights. I typically do not purchase Free People clothing. I think that their clothes are beautiful but for some reason, I have a hard time finding things that fit me right. However, every once and a while I find THAT dress and this time it happened to be from Free People. I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to buy it and it kinda wore perfectly throughout the day. For me, it was true to size, but it all depends on how you like your clothing. I wear a medium but I probably could have sized down. I typically like my dresses knee length or right above the knee. The small size runs short.

My family and I recently went to Coral Gables to see the Umbrella Sky Project. It was so cool to see it in person. We went with all of my husband’s family. It’s funny because I live in South Florida but I rarely leave my 4 block radius, ya know. It’s like you get stuck going to the same places over and over. I told my husband, Jr, it felt like we were on a mini-vacation. I forget how pretty south Florida can be. My friends from out of state are always like, “If I lived in Florida-i’d be at the beach all the time”. Ironically, most of the people I know rarely go to the beach. So it was nice to get out and about and have a really fun day.


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