Today I am sharing some pictures of our home. One of the things I love to do is decorate for Fall. It is one of my favorite seasons so over the years I have accumulated many of my favorite Fall themed items. My favorite places to shop for home decor are: Bed Bath and Beyond, Homegoods, TjMaxx, Nordstrom, Wayfair, Pottery Barn, and Target. I try my best to shop around because sometimes you can find the same exact thing somewhere else a lot less expensive. Many of my home decor items are from a bunch of different places but this weekend I will be linking some really cute items for Fall theme home decor in my next post. I have to be careful because I walked into Target looking for a doormat for my front door and I left spending over 200 dollars. It’s so hard because I love this time of year, and I sort of save all my energy for it (haha).

So, in the first place, I love decorating my table for holidays. When I was younger, my grandmother would always have the table set in such a beautiful way. I always swore that when I got older, I would be like that. It’s funny because when I was younger, I used to think decorating the table was such a chore (even though I loved the way it looked), but now I look forward to it. As I get older and now as a mother, I realize that these precious moments should be memorialized and making the dinner table a special place is the perfect way to do that. Now, decorating with my family, sharing sweet memories with my mom and sister, seeing the smiles on our babies faces as they play around the house while we share our “treasures” of the past, makes these decorating moments remarkable.

We have a faux fireplace in our living room. That might sound funny to you, but it’s true. Our home did not come with a fireplace but I love the look of it. So this one has heat and “fake fire”. It’s nice for aesthetic reasons. We do have a really cool fire pit outside so we use that for “real fires”. I also want to mention that I usually don’t have this leaf garland hanging on the fireplace. I put it up for pictures but as soon as I finished, I took it down. If you are a parent, you know why…lol. My son is in the “grab everything I can reach phase”, so if I left this up it would be on the floor and so would all my glass pumpkins…lol.

No holiday would be complete without me adding a little Disney….ha! Disney is so beautiful during the Fall and Christmas seasons. I love drawing inspiration from the parks and adding that to my home. I am more of a whimsical decorator, so I love decorating with cute little items that add personality to a space.

I found this beautiful pumpkin wreath at Homegoods and the white ‘Grateful’ pumpkin. The little pumpkins are all from Target.

Last but not least, my Mom made these delicious pumpkin cookies. They are soft and pillowy and just sooo yummy. She makes the recipe from here on my Pinterest account, but cuts the sugar down to make it a little healthier. So, instead of adding 4 cups of sugar, she will put 2.

I will be creating a post this Sunday all about some of my favorite items I use to decorate for Fall. What are some places you like to shop? Let me know in the comments below.

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