Happy Sunday Everyone,

It might not feel like Fall outside but that doesn’t stop us from making our home feel like it (LOL). I am so excited about this post because most of the items pictured are on sale. So now is a perfect time to purchase some cute items to accessorize your home. I’m sort of obsessed with the velvet pumpkins. I found a whole bunch of cloth pumpkins that I used to decorate my home in this post here. This year I took out all of my decorations and put them on the coffee table like I always do. Well, Tommy reached for a glass pumpkin and it fell on the floor and broke. I don’t care much about the pumpkin but lesson learned- keep glass things far away from soon-to-be-toddlers. Tommy is almost a year so he is grabbing for everything wanting to empty out all of my drawers. I have to keep more of an eye out than before when he would just sit in the MammaRoo and just chill out. Well, that’s first time parent probs…learn as you go and buy material/plastic decorations! 

I have linked all of the items pictured. I love sharing my favorite season with you so let me know what you get! I would love to know all about it.  

  1. Maple Leaf Wreath
  2. Pumpkin Spice Starbucks Coffee
  3. Velvet Pumpkins
  4. Throw Pillow
  5. Pumpkin Patch Sign
  6. Pumpkin Decor
  7. Throw Pillow
  8. Fall Scented Candles
  9. Pumpkin Decor
  10. Wood Style Cutting Board


For my Target Shoppers-use code SAVE20 at checkout to save some money.

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