There is so much talk lately about “dupes”. When I first heard that word I had no clue what it meant…lol. Finally I realized it means- duplicate. Seems like these days there is a dupe for everything, and they aren’t that expensive either! Many of the items I have listed are made from real high quality material. I have mixed feelings about exact replicas of designers. However, I am seeing people proudly strut their dupes and tell everyone about it. So, I guess the dupe stigma is gone! I have said this many times before, I think it is important to invest in something that is timeless.

For example, a Chanel purse does not go down very much in value and in some cases keeps its value. Whereas, a purse that was at one point the “hottest item”, might lose its luster in a few years. For example, do you remember Juicy Couture? Well, I used to love that brand and yes I had the famous matching sweatsuits. I remember the jacket was around 150 dollars and the pants too. Well, they closed down and opened a version of their brand in Kohl’s. Now you can get the same designer expensive velour jumpsuit for under 50!

I always think a purse is a good value, especially if the materials are high quality like Leather. Plus brands like Chanel, Gucci, and Louis Vuitton are upping their prices every few months. A while ago, I bought the LV Speedy 35 for under 500 dollars from the store. Now that purse retails for CLOSE TO 1500 DOLLARS! So do I regret making that decision, No! But I do wish I had bought more 😂. So, I wanted to compile a list of some dupes that I have used or have seen a lot lately. From the NYX CAT EYELINER to Rebecca Minkoff’s   (btw love her brand) version of Chanel’s boy bag. What are your thoughts about Dupes?

Are you designer all the way, all about dupes, or like me-a little of both? Let me know your thoughts in the comment box below. 


Click on any item below for the link.  

  1.  Rebecca Minkoff vs. Chanel
  2. NYX Cosmetics vs. Stila
  3. Hermes Bracelet vs. Dupe
  4. Cartier Ring vs. Dupe
  5. YSL Sunglasses vs. Dupe
  6. Gucci Belt vs. Dupe
  7. Valentino Sandals vs. Dupe
  8. Chloe Purse vs. Dupe




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