It’s no secret that I love my UPPA Baby Stroller. I have taken it everywhere from the beach to the city. It even has traveled with us internationally to the Caribbean. One of the first things I really put a lot of effort into was making sure that I picked the right stroller. I wanted something durable, well made, but also really fashionable. It’s hard to find a mix of everything. For example, when JR and I went to look for strollers, we found plenty that were sturdy and very affordable. However, I found them to be very bulky and too complicated to set up and take down. Then, there was the very fashionable strollers but they were just that-fashionable and very little storage. I finally decided on the UPPA BABY CRUZ. It was the only one I found that had a little bit of everything. It was fashionable yet sturdy easy to whisk around town yet not flimsy. I love the storage underneath the carriage. It holds a lot! When Tommy was really small and I had to go grocery shopping; I would put all my groceries at the bottom and it fit perfectly. The lady at the counter would always be like- what do you have a secret compartment down there? It holds a ton of items! I also love that I could put the bassinet on top so Tommy could sleep in there. It also holds the car seat perfectly or rumble (which is a regular baby seat). There are a lot of great options for this brand and it is something to think about when considering what to buy for your little one.

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The standard UPPA BABY CRUZ comes with the regular baby seat called a rumble. You can buy the travel system which includes a bassinet. My sister used her bassinet on the stroller in the house as well for her babies. So it sort of doubled as a stroller and bedtime bassinet for her. Don’t worry, there is a break for the wheels so it won’t slide all over the place.

One of the things that sold me on this stroller is it’s sleek style. It is really easy to maneuver and put in the car. It actually stands up by itself when folded up right after I had Tommy, I would take walks every day with it. I have even brought this stroller on the beach…yep! It stored all of our beach items, and did not damage at all by the sun or salt water. I love that the rumble has a UV protective shield and the protectant has a breathable mesh that was really good to ensure your baby has airflow while going outside.

I have taken this stroller to the grocery store and to Disney World. It holds everything! It also has an adjustable handle and comes with a rain guard and bug guard. Both of those items were really important to me, especially living in Florida.



1. Flexibility for adapting to your needs i.e travel system comes with a bassinet and rumble. You can move the seat to face Backwards or forwards. The car seat places on top of the stroller and it’s easy to transfer baby from the car to the stroller.

2. Sturdy and strong- excellent for long walks (will not wobble), going over gnarly terrain, or strolling around the mall.

3. Weather-Comes with rain guard, bug guard, UV overhead on the rumble and breathable mesh window.

4. Storage- it has a ton of storage yet it is not bulky. It still maintains an easy smooth glide.

5. Set Up- It is easy to take out of the car and put in the car. It fits in a trunk or behind a front seat. When my trunk is full with groceries, I can fold up the carriage place it behind the driver seat and it fits there perfectly or on the back seat.


1. The price- although I believe it is worth every penny, it is a little expensive. The stroller alone is 549.99.

2. The car seat is extra and extra cost and doesn’t come in the travel system. It will fit another car seat but you have to purchase an adapter for it to fit on top. We bought the car seat because we wanted everything to go together easily.


I do not own the Vista but my sister, Melisa, does. She wanted a stroller that she could use for one or two babies. It ended up being a blessing because she ended up unexpectedly getting pregnant only a few months after having her first baby. So now she goes everywhere with her Vista carrying two babies. This is an ideal stroller for someone with twins or a toddler and a baby. I asked her to tell me how she feels about her stroller and this is what she told me:

1. Is it bulky? No

2. Is it hard to maneuver? No

3. Is it easy to put in the car? When you put it in the car with one seat, you just fold it and it fits in the car perfectly. When you have two seats, you have to take it a part (removing seats) before putting it back in the car.

4. How do you like the storage? There is a lot of storage perfect for shopping, traveling, errands with kids.

5. What is a benefit of having this stroller? The tops of the rumbles have UV protection, and breathable mesh for air ventilation. The strollers come with bug and rain guards.

6. How well made is it? It is really well made and I have even ran with it (not recommended). It never wobbles and I have had it for 3 years. It glides perfectly over flat or bumpy terrain.

8. How did you use the bassinet? The bassinet is good for naps, walking around and letting baby sleep without being in a tight car seat, I used it as my night time bassinet for three months. All the pieces are washable so if baby stains it, it’s easy to clean.



1. Not bulky

2. Easy to maneuver

3. A lot of storage

4. Flexibility to fit a baby and toddler, two babies or toddlers, or just one. Flexibility to add other accessories like snack trays and a pedestal for a child to stand on.

5. Still in perfect condition after 3 years.


1. Price 899.99-929.99

2. Car seat is extra

3. No travel system with two seats- only bassinet and one rumble.


I hope this helps you when looking for a new stroller. No matter what you choose, always go with what fits you the best. For me, it was Uppa Baby all the way.




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