One Cozy Sweater that makes Two Different Looks for Thanksgiving

The other day I was looking online for a cute sweater for Thanksgiving. I wanted something that would be different but not make me feel too warm indoors. I came across this sweater. It actually even doubles as a cowl neck sweater if over the shoulder is not your style. The sweater is true to size but if I had to do it over again I would probably size up. I like my sweaters a little loose and I am always worried about it shrinking in the wash (plus, the large size is on sale!). I love the knit detail and it looks just as beautiful in person. I wore this on a date with my husband one Sunday afternoon. I loved it so much, I couldn’t wait for Thanksgiving lol!

This sweater is ideal for my South Florida babes that want to wear a sweater but don’t want to sweat all day. If you are in colder weather, it’s really a great sweater because it can be a cowl neck sweater  for outdoors, but when you are indoors- you can lower it to the shoulders. It is so versatile and it makes it worth every penny. Also, if you haven’t seen it already I have a post here with “16 Different Outfit Ideas for Thanksgiving”.

I hope everyone has a great day tomorrow. Remember, Thanksgiving is about the quality time you share with your loved ones- Enjoy every minute. of it.


Here’s what it looks like as a Cowl Neck sweater.

Click on the image below for product details

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