Dos and Don’ts for a Magical Disney World family Vacation

Hi Everyone,

It’s almost December which means it’s time for all things Merry and Bright. Last week we went to Disney World to celebrate Christmas and Tommy’s birthday and it really got me in the mood for one of my favorite seasons.

I think every time we come back from Disney we get so many withdrawals: the fun, the food, the magic. It’s all just so good and it happens at one place: the happiest place on earth, Disney. We took 11 people to Disney and usually that would be a cause for disaster. Oh you know what I am talking about, the arguing about where to go and what to do first. This one wants to see Mickey, this one wants to go in the pool, this one wants to ride splash mountain, etc. We actually had so much fun and didn’t argue once about any of these things and it is definitely NOT because we are any more special than anyone else. We have learned to PLAN. We have been to Disney enough times to realize that with a baby, toddlers, and 4 families in the mix: it can be chaotic. The truth is, it doesn’t have to be that way. We had the BEST time and here’s how we did it.

Elstown Holiday Block Party.jpg

Some of my favorite moments were when Tommy got his first hair cut at the barber shop. He was happy and crying at the same time, but they were super patient, kind and so sweet with him. He got the prince charming hair cut and it came out so cute. I highly recommend it. For the full service we got, it was 25 dollars. We received a certificate, lock of his hair and a Mickey hat.

The park was all decorated for Christmas and they had lots of yummy treats (including candy apples which are my favorite). It’s been a few months since we have been to Disney World but it was incredible to be there with my family. There were so many fun things to do including the parade, Castle Show, and all our favorite rides. Tommy and his cousins even got to meet their favorite character, Mickey (of course…lol).

We had such a great time as a family and one thing I always love about Disney World is how family friendly and beautiful it is. Tommy needed a diaper change and for the first time I used the Baby Center where you can stock up on diapers and formula and anything else you may need during a magical day at Disney World. They were super sweet and accommodating, which I really appreciated because it is not easy traveling with a baby.

If you have never been to Disney World during Christmas time you seriously need to go! It is a great way to create incredible memories with family and friends. We can’t wait to go back.

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