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Hi Everyone!

It’s Jr here. Carol asked me to take over her blog today. I was a bit nervous to do so but since she asked me to talk about some of the things I like. I thought I’d give it a try. These are all things that Carol has bought me and some that I asked her for Christmas this year. Crossing my fingers she gets me #8, I read the reviews and it is supposed to be really great. After work, I come home exhausted and that would be the perfect gift for me (hint…hint) or any special guy in your life. A few Christmas’s ago Carol got me the earphones (#4). The cool thing about them is they double as noise cancellation devices. So that’s really good when I want to focus on something for work, use it for travel, or watch the game (but don’t tell Carol). Whatever you are choosing to get your special someone whether it be your dad, uncle, boyfriend, son or Hubby; make sure you get something they can actually use. Carol usually asks me to tell her a couple of things I am wanting and then she surprises me on Christmas day.

I could go on about everything but I linked the items for you below. By the way, don’t worry Carol will be returning to the blog this week. After writing this post and linking everything for you guys, I realized how much work really goes into writing a blog post and have way more appreciation for what my wife does. She always takes care of Tommy and I and no matter what I get for Christmas- She is my best gift. Hoping whatever lucky guy gets a gift from you that they have a big smile on their face come Christmas Morning.

Good Luck and Happy Shopping.



  1. Shirt (I wear these all the time for work and on the weekends)
  2.  Sunglasses (They are sporty and comfortable)
  3.  Sneakers (Easy to slip on and wear and versatile)
  4.  Earphones (Noise cancellation and easy to travel with)
  5. Cell phone charger and key holder
  6. Buffalo Plaid Pajamas (Carol also got Tommy a matching pair here)
  7. Cologne (favorite smell- I also like YSL L’Homme)
  8.  Foot Massager (Top of my wish list)
  9. Sandals (I wear these most of the time)
  10. Burberry Gold Watch 

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