My Winter Night Time Skin Care Routine


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Hi Everyone,

Ever since I had Tommy I have been researching and exploring different skin care routines. I had beautiful skin while I was pregnant. I actually felt that my hair and skin was the best I have ever seen it while pregnant, but that quickly changed after I gave birth. I started to break out especially after I stopped breast feeding. The moment I had Tommy, I received approval to take Biotin and I believe that that really helped. However, I must admit that being super busy I did stop. I am starting to take it again to help my hair, skin and nails (I take these).  Taking vitamins has long term positive effects; however, when you are dealing with bad breakouts that can seem like an eternity. The worst part of my skin was the huge pores I noticed forming on my skin. It was getting really bad as I noticed it in a photo I took with Tommy when he was just one month old. In October, I started taking one day a week to do this winter skin care routine. Two weeks ago I took a selfie and realized that I didn’t have to add any filters because my skin looked so good. At that moment, I realized how much my skin has really improved, and I knew I wanted to share with you all what I have been doing lately:

1 Step One: I exfoliate with this product. It gently exfoliates the skin and body. The best part is it smells like chocolate and has a little caffeine in it so it lifts the skin.

2. I pat dry my skin with a towel and then I use this microneedle derma roller. I really feel this has been a HUGE help to shrinking my pores. Also, just as a warning after I first used it, my skin was really red because the skin roller breaks the skin in order to generate new skin cells. It goes away in a few hours or the next day. Make sure to keep it clean by leaving it in rubbing alcohol for about 3 minutes.

3. Afterwards, I use a clay mask. I found this one and it is SO good (I also love this one too). It is specially made for pores and helps remove all of that gunk out of your skin. It leaves skin soft and clean.

4. After I wash my face from the clay mask, I then wash my face with my regular face wash. I have been using this face wash lately. I put on this face mask that retails for $3.49 and I relax in bed for about 15-20 minutes. I usually listen to the Bible, music, podcast or a good book during that time. I even like to add a thick lotion on my hands and feet during that time. My favorite lotion is by Kiehl’s. This is the time that I take to just breath, relax and just “be”.

5. Finally, I remove the sheet mask, rinse my face (if the mask calls for it-sometimes the directions are to just rub the excess in your skin) add my face cream and relax with a hot cup of tea. My husband bought me some gourmet tea and I usually like to drink it with a little bit of honey at the end of the day.


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