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The holidays are in FULL force. As many of you know, I have a little one who is almost one years old. His birthday is a week away and then we have Christmas! So everyone has been asking me about what Tommy likes. I was pretty dumbfounded by those questions because most mommies know babies like to to bang on everything, pull out every thing from the drawers and chew on water bottles (which I do not like and take it away from him immediately)…lol. Also, some Mommies have been emailing me and asking me if I had an gift recommendations for Toddlers around Tommy’s age. Many of you know that I am an educator and so naturally I like toys that educate but he can also have fun. PLus, let’s be honest Mamas, we want toys that will keep our kiddos busy so we can go to the bathroom in peace…lol. So, I have compiled a list of some really great 12-24 month old gift ideas. Many of the toys listed below, Tommy does have and loves. I’ll explain it all below.

12- 24month Old Gift Guide (2)

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  1. Busy Box: This seems to be an amazing busy toy and I love the reviews it got. It is definitely something I am going to get Tommy for Christmas.
  2. Bubble Toys: Before I had Tommy, I was always like why do parents give toys for the bath tub…what’s the point? Well, I totally get it now. Sometimes Tommy doesn’t even want to sit in the bathtub. The toys keep babies distracted so Mommy or Daddy can wash them.
  3. Kitchen Play Area: I saw this and know for a fact that every toddler loves this. My son plays with his kitchen all the time and my one year old niece loves it and makes a great “fake” hamburger. ..lol
  4. Wheel: Tommy is obsessed with this and we even let him use it in his car seat on a road trip. He loves the knobs and sounds.
  5. Musical Drums: Tommy loves this toy and plays with it everyday. it makes noice and it lights up. My mother in law bought it for him and he still uses it 7 months later!
  6. Blocks: I am obsessed with these custom design blocks. Especially as a teacher, it is really good to help toddlers learn the alphabet and even how to spell their name.
  7. Dog Toy: My niece is obsessed with dogs and I know she will love this. It is a cute dog that makes sounds and so many other fun features.
  8. Car Walker: Tommy loves this walker. it makes cool sounds and he runs all over the house with it.
  9. Ball Game: ​There are 2 ways to play as your baby grows: Sitters: Fill the monster’s mouth and see the balls spin around! Crawlers: Balls spill out as the monster zooms around—encouraging baby to crawl. Love this!
  10. Walker with gum ball popper machine: I had one of these when I was a little one and I got so nostalgic, I had to order it. This toy is more for my walking toddlers.
  11. Learning Center: This toy is more for a two year old. Its a really cute interactive desk for learning.
  12. Broomstick: Every time I have to clean or use the broom, Tommy wants to grab my little duster So I got him this so he can play clean-up while I actually do all the work…lol.
  13. Interactive Play Table: One of the reasons I love this toy is the legs detach and you can lay it on the floor for a crawler and when they are ready to walk add the legs and its a little interactive table. Tommy uses this all the time and it is definitely a top recommend!

Hope you enjoyed today’s blog post. If you have a great gift idea, I’d love to hear from you…let me know in the comment section below.



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