Amp Up Your Everyday Wardrobe with Walmart+ My Impress Nails Obsession

Hi Everyone,

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas. We had a a great time with family and friends. We started off Christmas Eve at my in-laws home. They always have a wonderful party. My husband is Brazilian so there’s always lots of love, laughter and TONS of food. For Brazilians, Christmas Eve is a HUGE night of celebration. So, it works out great for my family that has a big celebration on Christmas day. Which is a complete blessing because we never have to balance out visiting families because it all just fits together. Tommy got tons of toys and just seeing Christmas through his eyes just brings so much joy to my heart. Tommy got a really cool Mickey Mouse that sings and dances. He is obsessed with Mickey Mouse Club house and can be in the middle of crying and if he hears the “Hot Dog” song, somehow life is okay again for those few seconds…lol. The best part is my Dad got this really cool electric car for the kids and Tommy LOVED it and never wanted to get out of it. So, all in all, it was the best Christmas we had as a family because we just were about the kids and enjoying one another. It was really special and I thank God for His blessings.

On Another note, right before Christmas we went to Walmart to pick up a few groceries. I happened to pass by the clothes area and saw this grey pullover. It is the softest and flattering sweater I have ever had at that price point. I was shocked that it was under 12 dollars! I wore it for Christmas and everyone thought I got it from a high end store. It even has a few glimmers of silver in it which I really love on the detail. I am wearing a medium and that’s my usual size so I would say it is definitely true to size. It is an easy sweater to throw on for errands, work or like I did- you can dress it up for a nice dinner. I researched a little about Walmart’s clothing brand (not for any particular reason but that I am a nerd and love to research products). I found out that Walmart is actually very particular about the quality control of their clothes and put a lot of effort in making sure that their clothing is high quality with the best price. After wearing this sweater all day and it being such a flattering sweater, it definitely won’t be my last purchase because it is AH-MAZING.

Also, can we talk about these nails. So something you should know about me is I am a habitual nail biter. I have been for years and I hate this habit, but it’s something that I have done on and off since I was a little girl. Well, I always like to get my nails done for special events. I used to get my nails done every other week but I was paying over 100 dollars a month on fake nails that would just pop off or get chipped. Unfortunately, my nails do not take well to products so nail polish, gel, acrylic just doesn’t stick to my nails long term. At my son’s birthday party I noticed my friend’s nails (btw: she is also an incredible mom blogger check her blog out here) and I saw how cute they were. So of course I had to ask her where she got them done and she was laughing because they are press on nails. I was shocked! They seriously looked like acrylic!!! Not only that but she told me they can last up to a week and she has three kids so I believe her. When you have kids, you are always cleaning up something. So if she said it…I was like I gotta try this. I did and it has lasted me almost a week and I am officially obsessed with them.  Now I’ll be wearing them all the time for special occasions.


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