A Year in Review+ How To CREATE A VISION BOARD


Hi Everyone,

It’s a new year and I don’t know why but I have so much expectancy for this year. Usually, I don’t feel like this but this year something just feels special. Plus, the funny thing is a lot of people have been saying that online. So, I’m glad that I am not the only one that feels this way. 2018 has been such a crazy amazing year. It was the year that I became a Mommy, we bought a new house and started two new businesses. Plus, I started my (dream) desire to pursue blogging.

For those of you who don’t know, here is a little back story about how I got into blogging. I actually started blogging three  years ago. My blog name was Curls and Pearls (I am no longer affiliated with this name) and I wanted to just share my knowledge with others. I would always get questions about how I do something or where did I find this and I thought…hmmm maybe other people might want to know about it. It must be the teacher in me because I love sharing knowledge but it really didn’t go far. I started following other bloggers and just felt like I couldn’t do it or I wasn’t good enough. Well, since the first year of our marriage we created a vision board which I will share more about later. I actually have been doing a vision board for about two years before I met my husband. In the beginning of our first year of marriage, during the new year (2016), we created a vision board. I added blogging to that. Two years passed by and my husband’s like do you really want to do this and I was like yeah but I don’t feel good enough. With the help of my wonderful husband he encouraged me to do it and step out in faith. I did and in 2018 I finally launched Busygirlglamblog. The reason why I called it that was because my husband would always call me busy girl because I am always busy doing something. So I thought…hmm, I should call it Busy Girl Glam Blog and create a space for other busy women like myself to talk, collaborate and give tips on how to look great (style, beauty, hair, and makeup) without breaking the bank or the clock.

So, I thought I’d share a year in review plus my tips on how to do a vision board.



This picture was taken around when Tommy was 6 weeks old. I was recovering from emergency surgery and getting no sleep with a newborn. Plus breast feeding was exhausting. Everyone telling me how I should parent and what was best for Tommy made it even more difficult. Thankfully, we found our way through the craziness of that startup in parenthood and my husband was super supportive. One thing that I found very helpful was exercise and going to different places (having my independence).

Tommy’s nursery reveal blog post is here.

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I was not blogging during this time but my husband and I thought it would be cool to  give it a “test run”. So actually before I even started blogging, we started practicing taking photos and me “posing” which does NOT come natural to me at all. My husband bought me this workout outfit and I felt so special. One thing I learned after having a baby, it’s easy to fall into a “low” so I pushed myself to take daily walks to be healthy. My husband got me this outfit to help me stay motivated. it was exactly what I wanted for Valentine’s Day.




In March we went to Disney as a family. I have a full blog post here all about Disney Dos and Don’t for helping families with babies go to Disney stress free. We had the best time but it was definitely a whole other level going with a baby and taking turns to go on the bigger rides. However, we had a great time and it was nice just to be together as a family.




In April things were getting easier. We were starting to get into a routine with work and a baby. I honestly was counting down the days until summer. Also Tommy was NOT sleeping through the night. One thing we learned that month was to trust our own judgement as a family. Even if people disagree with us, we know what’s best for us. A lot of people gave us a hard time for having a baby in the same house as our dog. However, Simba was so good to me and stayed by my side and I have never had any issues with the responsibility of a dog and baby.

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My first Mother’s Day! I was soooo excited and it might as well been Christmas for me. Maybe I felt that I was working so hard with my work and the family that I was ready to be rewarded and appreciated…lol. It was beautiful and I will never forget it.

Dress details here (it’s one of my favs)



Summer vacation. I couldn’t have been happier. We went on a cruise the minute Tommy turned 6 months…literally it was a week later. He traveled to two different islands and I finally decided to start my blog. I realized that I had to be brave enough to do a blog and step out in faith. If I hated it, then I would have no regrets and move on. However, if I loved it than I know it is where I want to be. So, I’m happy to report that I love it and plan on staying around for a while. Plus, I am excited to have something to share with my children and grandchildren one day.

My first blog post here (also we shot a lot of these photos before I even started to blog so the timing might be off with the photos and when I wrote the posts).



We had our first fourth of July as a family of four (can’t forget about Simba) and spent time with my in-laws. We didn’t see any fireworks because Tommy fell asleep but my husband and I did and that was nice to just enjoy each other’s company. Does it count as a date if the baby is sleeping???

Red shirt post here.



I returned back to work as a teacher. One thing you should know about me is I am very career oriented. I love to keep busy with something. I love my family and dedicate much time for them but there is also a part of me that like to have fulfillment and independence. My parents raised me to always be independent and never dependent on anyone especially with money. I know some women may have mixed feelings about this and that’s perfectly fine. There are moments when I wish I could stay home or just worry about being a Mommy. However, working has made me a better mommy and wife. It gives me structure and when I come home I am all about my family and taking care of them. I usually work on my blog at night when everyone is going to sleep. It’s a very long day but one thing that is great about teaching is the schedule. So it really has it’s ups and downs for time. The key is planning.

Blog post here about how I feel returning to work

Blog post here about this AH-MAZING Leopard top that is still one of my favs.




I am officially blogging part time consistently 2xs a week. Balancing family, motherhood, wife life, dog mom, career woman isn’t easy. However, I am a believer that when you are called to do something, God somehow gives you the grace to do it. That’s just what I have found out. Also, at this point the weather was very hot and cool…hence my flannel top and shorts…lol.

Full post here



We took Tommy to the pumpkin patch and dressed him up as one. It was the cutest thing and also celebrating all the holidays with Tommy makes life SO much fun.  It’s really cool when you get to introduce a whole new world to your child.

Fall post here.





This was probably one of my favorite campaigns we had ever shot. It was really the first time after almost 6 months of blogging where we were finally getting the hang of things like angles and showing the product. Plus, this month was really great because I was accepted into the Rewards Style family (LiketoKnow.it). That was definitely a goal for me because until then I could never share a link. I like to help others look and feel their best and this is a great way for me to really help people when locating a sale or a specific item.



December was a fun filled month. We celebrated Tommy’s first birthday, Christmas, New Years and a lot of other stuff in between. I can’t say that I miss the chaos but I am sort of glad that it is January now and I get to sort of have a more stable family/ work schedule. 2018 has taught me to walk out in faith, not to apologize for who I am, be honest and real and to understand that not everyone will appreciate you for you but that’s okay because behind every “No” there is someone with a “yes”.


Vision Board

One thing that is cool about Vision Boards is that they really help keep you stay focused on your goals. Every year that JR and I have created one, we have kept it private from others (people can be negative) and in a place where we could see it only. So we put it in our bedroom. We don’t necessarily look at it all the time but there is something about just making your goals visual. I have to tell you that every year that we have updated it I am shocked at how many things have come to pass…even the things I forgot about. It is an incredible tool and I highly recommend it. Before I met Jr, I made one for who I was going to marry, the life I wanted to live and have and so much of it has already come to pass. The great thing about it is you can add, change it throughout the year. We edit it every year and write down our goals. This year we have narrowed it down to a few things since the dreams we have are pretty big. Here is a video to help you start your own. Please tag me on instagram (@busygirlglamblog) and let me know how you are doing with it!

Before I leave…one more thing, My hope is that you have a wonderful and happy 2019 and that all your dreams come true. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for supporting me, reading my blog, and following me on social media. We consider you friends and love this community we have together.

Okay…phew that was a lot. Jr is calling me now because we have to meet up with some family to celebrate the new year. Happy New Year!



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