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Hi Everyone,

The other day someone asked me how I could manage wearing something new everyday. I sort of laughed at that because you would be pretty shocked if you saw my closet. One of the things my Mom always taught me was to have basics and add something to change it up. So I sort of have always gone by that rule. Basics are my “go to”…my “uniform” if you will. However, I add something new to change it up like shoes, hat, purse, top etc. This is a really great trick because you always look like you have on something new but truly you are wearing almost the same thing in cycles. Plus, another tip I learned is to always take care of your things. When you take care of what you own, it will last longer. The good news is that basics come in all different price ranges and some of my basics have lasted me for years!


Best Short Sleeve T-Shirts





Let’s start with t-shirts. I used to purchase these for a lot of money and I realized that they wear and tear just like everything else. I use these basics so much that I buy a bunch of them and use them over and over throughout the year.

White T-shirt (On sale!)

Black T-Shirt (On Sale!)

Best Long Sleeve T-Shirts


I wear these on cooler days, work or out to dinner. These shirts are super versatile because they can also be used from night to day or to work out in. Bp from Nordstrom is one of my absolute favorites for basics (they come in a bunch of different colors too).

Right now these long sleeve t-shirts are on sale for 8 dollars!

Long Sleeve T-shirts


Best Versatile Sweaters




I love a sweater and honestly if I didn’t live in Florida, I’d probably wear them all the time! I do love them for work because it’s really cold inside of our building…probably because it is so hot outside. I love this sweater dress. I paired it with tights since I was going out to dinner but there are so many other ways to do it like the picture of the model with a belt and boots. I also love this leopard sweater. I saw it in person and leopard is one of those styles that never gets old.

Leopard Sweater (Currently 50% off)

Chenille sweater dress (comes in 3 different colors super soft and so comfy and 50% off).

Best Cozy  Essentials

I just purchased this because I do a lot of work in my home and run out for errands. The leggings are soooo soft and comfy. I bought both colors and they are very nice to even travel with. This is perfect for home or errands. My sweatshirt is for travel and no longer available but I always size up for an oversized fit because I like to feel like I’m wearing a blanket with sleeves…lol. Similar here but I like this one way better here.

Cozy chenille leggings Currently 50%off

Best Camis for layering









These camis are completely my jam. I use them for jeans under a jacket, cardigan, a skirt or you could wear it with shorts with no jacket. It’s so versatile! I recommend wearing it with a special bra that sticks to you. It tends to show my strapless bra but with the adhesive bra, it’s seamless.

Camis are currently buy one get one 50% off

Adhesive Bra that I recommend for these tops.

Best skinny jeans (esp. for a curvy girl)


These jeans are super flattering. You don’t have to be curvy to wear it but my problem with skinny jeans is they tend to be too small in some places and too baggy in other. These fit me like a glove. As you can see, I am not a size zero but these jeans suck you in, lift you up and make your legs look super long. I love them and they are my go to.

Currently they are 40% off!

Curvy Skinny Jeans

Jeggings (super easy to wear, flattering and soft)

Best long Cardigan

I love  cardigans and probably wear one almost everyday. Especially in the office. They are so comfy! I also love to put one on to take a basic outfit up a notch. A really great staple for every closet.

Grey Cardigan

Black Cardigan

Best Faux Leather Leggings

Honestly, if I could have it my way, I would wear a long t-shirt/ sweater with leggings every day. It’s my favorite outfit to wear. I am obsessed with these SPANX leggings and have heard sooo many good things about them I have major regrets for not ordering them a while ago. However, they are amazing, such you in and are worth their weight in old because you look like Sandy from Grease in them- fierce! I also have th other leggings pictured above and they are currently on sale and a much more affordable option.

SPANX leggings  on sale SPANX HERE

Affordable option legging (on sale too!)

Best Sneakers for leisure


I love a good sneaker! I use mine for walking long distance and for errands. The Nike Roshe  look so amazing and I will be ordering these next. I just ordered the white Adidas and white Adidas always are a versatile fit.

White Adidas

Nike Pink (on sale!)

Hope you found this blog post helpful!







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