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Hi Everyone!

The other day I was cleaning some of my makeup and re-organizing. I always sort of get that desire around now and I realized that I use more drugstore products than I ever have before. I know that might sound funny to you, but before anything let me explain. Ever since I was a little girl (toddler age) I have had extremely sensitive skin. I used to have the worst breakouts from anything. So, I have always had to be more mindful about what I put on my skin. I would wash my face with a certain soap and break out like crazy and this would be the same for drug store makeup. It would be fine for the first couple of wears but after a week, again I would break out in a rash of some sort that wouldn’t go away for two weeks. It was terrible! So, my mom took me to the mall to buy more expensive makeup in order for me to have a little more quality and not have these crazy reactions. I explained this to esthetician one time and she said that sometimes drug store make can carry certain minerals that aren’t found in higher end makeup. I honestly have never compared ingredients so I truly wouldn’t know why, but this is my truth. My sister on the other hand, always wore drug store makeup and face wash and never had any issues. I would always be sort of jealous of that because I always had to spend more money to get the same effect my sister so easily got from an 8 dollar bottle of face wash.

Okay so back to drugstore favorites, I say that back story because now drug store makeup and products have truly come a long way. The quality and some of the prices are truly incredible. It makes me so excited because now I don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars to achieve the type of quality that now can be found many times from the corner drugstore. This makes me so happy because so many people can now look their best without the crazy price tag and I am all about that!



ONE: Butter Bronzer

I love this brand and it also smells like summer time. It is a really great quality item, and I love using it for contouring my face and nose. It goes on super smooth and stays on all day. I also use it to bronze my face for a more sun-kissed look-especially now when I am more pale in the winter time.

TWO: Milani Baked Blush

I like the color Rose D’oro. I first heard about this brand from a friend and was a little skeptical but their products are always sold out (at least every time I go to find them) and they apply really smoothly. It is a buildable color and the best part is it is under 8 dollars.

THREE: Sonia Kashuk Make up sponge

For the longest time I was looking for a dupe for the beauty blender. Don’t get me wrong, the beauty blender is really good and I have been using it for years but sometimes you don’t want to spend 20 dollars on a new makeup sponge every few months. I found these sponges that are even better-in my opinion- you get two for ten dollars; and they have a flat bottom which I love for applying my foundation. They are latex free (I am allergic to latex so another plus) and super easy to wash and reuse.

FOUR: Maybelline Fit me

My mom forgot her foundation one time while traveling and we had to go to the store to get her some last minute. I remember this product being highly recommended. My mom used it and she told me a week later that she still really liked it. It has very good coverage and a matte finish. The only hard part was her finding the right shade. I always recommend maybe going a little lighter than you think because after you apply bronzer, it will look more natural. The coverage on this foundation is insanely good and if my mom likes it, than it is good! She can be really picky.

FIVE: NYX Liquid Eye liner 

This is a really great dupe for the Stila liquid eye liner, the only difference is it’s less than half the price! it is jet black and lasts all day. I use this every day.

SIX: Catrice Liquid Camouflage Concealer

I have not used it but this is something I will be purchasing very soon. It comes highly recommended by the beauty guru herself, Tati (video here). It is full coverage and anything that covers and stays all day- is enough for me! It is also waterproof which is perfect for spring and summer time.

SEVEN: Impress Nails

I love these! I wrote a blog post about them here. They are super easy to apply and last up to a week. Best part is they don’t require any glue! The first time I applied them, I put them on in the car…lol. I recommend these for any events especially if you are a nail biter like me. My sister saw them and thought I had really gotten my nails done.

EIGHT: Maybelline lipstick

Okay, if you have been following a few beauty bloggers, you definitely know about this. I first heard about this from Jaqueline Hill in her video here.  I bought it in the color Baddest Beige and loved the color. It is exactly like my Charlotte Tilbury lipstick that I own and it’s very similar to the color Kim K. I was not crazy about the smell that the Maybelline lipstick gave off but my sister in law tried it and never noticed. Again, everyone is different so you might love it. I personally still prefer the Charlotte Tilbury lipstick, it is the only lipstick that I really love and it doesn’t dry out my lips.

NINE: Infallible Pro Matte Liquid Lipstick Les Chocolat

This is the best matte liquid lip. It also smells like chocolate…so that’s another yes for me! It doesn’t smell like chocolate for long so don’t worry if you are sensitive to smells. It dried very matte on your lips and stays all day. The applicator is so amazing, it is really good for defining your lips. Many high end lip stains have an applicator like that so I was pleasantly surprised that it was also available in a drug store product too.  I definitely recommend adding a gloss on top of it especially if you have dryer skin like me. I like adding the Kopari lip balm on top.

TEN: Not Your Mother’s Blonde Shampoo

This brand has many award winning products. I like their purple shampoo for blondes. With this shampoo it extends the life of my blonde highlights for another month

ELEVEN and TWELVE: Bath Bombs

I have wanted to try some bath bombs for the longest time. I know, I am super late on this trend. But I am a believer in bath salts and use that more often. I recently purchased this Lavender Bath Bomb soaps and the product is amazing. It leaves your skin so soft. If you want a bag of small bath bombs I highly recommend it, but if you are looking for one special one, I recommend these really cute individual ones.

THIRTEEN: Mario Badescu

I heard about this brand several times from various beauty bloggers. Everyone says it is a dupe for the Tatcha dewy mist spray or the Mac prep + prime spray. I honestly love this product and it is just as good as any other setting spray. I have used a few dupes but honestly I saw no difference, so I don’t say that lightly. It is really good as a primer and a setting spray. It basically helps your makeup to stay all day. It also helps your makeup to set without that powdery look, it makes your makeup look more natural on your skin. I definitely recommend this and you can buy a small bottle for only 7 dollars. I also found this rose water spray for under 4 dollars here.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post. Also, I found a really great coupon code if you want to order some products from ULTA here.

Are there products you love, please share in the comments below!



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