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Hi Everyone,

It’s been raining all weekend so we haven’t been able to do much. I have been doing my winter skin care routine (see post here) once a week and I wanted to update you all on some recent changes that I have made. I currently started using Algenist for my skin care and it has dramatically changed the dryness and appearance of my natural skin. One of the things that I like about Algenist is that they are made in San Francisco with natural clean ingredients. If I were to tell my self that one day I would be okay with taking a photo bare faced…I would have been shocked! If you don’t know my story, I have always struggled with acne and acne scarring since I was a child. I have super sensitive skin and in college I really suffered from terrible cystic acne. It was horrible! On the flip side to that, it forced me to explore different skin care routines and learn a lot about different skin care products. Through trial and error, I finally feel like I have a great routine.


(Here with no makeup- a year ago this would’ve never happened! Ps. My skin looks a little blotchy because I just finished exfoliating and decided to take a quick picture)

One: Cleansing Milk- This face wash is moisturizing but it is used to wash off your makeup. Most of my makeup is full coverage and this easily takes all my makeup off.

Two: Tatcha Face Wash- This face wash is worth every penny! You only need a tiny drop and it has small micro beads for exfoliating the face.

Three: Algenist Face Cream: Algenist has different skin care lines. I use the Splash line since I am normal to dry. Especially during the winter time, it keeps my skin hydrated like I have been drinking water all day.

Four: Algenist Eye Cream: This is an eye cream from their anti-aging line. It helps with fine lines around the eyes.

Five: Exfoliant- I have talked a lot about Farmhouse Fresh because their products are amazing. This product can be used on the face and body. It smells like caramel and has a little caffeine in it to help lift the skin.

Six: Derma Roller- This is a really great tool to use, especially if you want to truly transform your skin. It helps with acne scarring and smooths out the surface of your skin.

Seven: Sheet Face Mask- Soap and Glory has the best sheet face masks and they are only $3.50. I especially love this one because it brightens the skin. You can leave it on for 20 minutes or overnight.

Eight: Vitamin C oil- If you don’t use the face sheet mask than you can put an oil on your skin over night. I like a Vitamin C serum.

Nine: Skin Roller- This is a beauty tool that works over time….so don’t expect results overnight. It helps with the anti-aging process and I put mine in the freezer. I also like to use it when I have a sinus headache- it helps to remove the tension build up. Even my husband uses it to relieve headaches.


Ps. I did a small video on how I do my weekly facialCURRENT SKIN CARE FAVORITES

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