Recent Hair Favorites to Repair, Treat & Heal Post Partum Hair Loss

Hi Everyone,

Recently I have gotten a lot of questions and comments about my hair. The truth is that my hair has not been the same since I had Tommy. I have dealt with some hair loss around 6 months post partum. Many have told me that post partum hair loss usually starts around then. I also stopped breast feeding around that time as well so that could also be the reason. One of the best pieces of advice I received from my sister was to take biotin as soon as you have a baby. I asked my doctor if it was okay while breast feeding and he cleared me. Even though I have had some hair loss, I believe the biotin vitamins helped my hair loss not be so extreme.

If you don’t know, my hair is naturally curly and very thick. When I go to the salon, the hair stylists is always like you have two heads of hair…lol! I never thought that post partum hair loss would affect me, but it really did. Little by little, I began losing the hair around the crown of my head and the base of my scalp. Post Partum affects everyone differently but at one point, I couldn’t put my hair in a bun because I had so many baby hairs falling down. I went to my hair stylist and she recommended a few things that have really helped improve the health of my hair

Sulfate Free Shampoo + Conditioner for Blonde hair

I get highlights two to three times a year. Blonde highlights/ Dye is always harsher on hair because the blonde strips the hair of it’s properties. A blonde shampoo always helps to treat your specific hair color.

Once a Week at Home Treatment

I called my hair stylist to help me with a good hair treatment that I could do once a week. She told me about this product. I used to use it a lot and I don’t know why I stopped. It is So good! Especially for damaged hair.

Styling Heat Protection

One thing that I have been more careful about is using a spray to protect my hair from heat damage. This spray really helps to protect your hair but doesn’t over saturate your hair with product.

Hair Spray

This is the best hair spray ever! It holds my hair in place, even in the humidity. In Florida, I can style my hair and the second I walk outside, my hair frizzes up, but not with this spray. It holds my hair in place for 3-5 days. I barely retouch my hair with hair spray after its first use.

Hair Oil

I use this hair oil at night. It helps to keep my hair healthy, shiny and strong. I usually put my hair in a loose bun at night. I’ll put this oil on the ends of my hair at night. It’s even elongated the time I have needed between hair cuts. I don’t put it on the roots of my hair because then your hair will get too oily.

Dry Shampoo

This dry shampoo is also a detox shampoo. It helps elongate the time between washes. I wouldn’t use it more than three times in a week. After too many uses, it dries up my scalp too much and can cause flakes. I also have a dry scalp to begin with, if you have an oily scalp; it might be different for you.

Hair Vitamins

I use these hair vitamins and I noticed a change even in my skin and nails. Even though I have dealt with hair loss, my hair has grown back faster than it ever has before. Definitely check with your doctor before using them, but this is the brand I really like and recommend.

$20 Conair Curling Iron

This curling iron has stuck with me for 8 years and has never let me down. It goes up to 400 degrees and has adjustable buttons for different temperatures. I travel with it and use it all the time. It still works like the first time I have used it. I highly recommend. It gives me the best beach wave curls that last for up to a week. I just re-touch a few hairs and I am good to go.

Blow Dryer {On Sale Too!}

This is the best blow dryer. It is a little bit of a splurge but it blows my hair out in half the time and my hair is so smooth afterwards. This has helped me even with having to go over my hair again with a straightening iron.

I hope this post helps with restoring and rebuilding your hair. Do you recommend any good hair products?

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