Stylish Accessories For Spring {Under $30}

Hi Everyone,

Well, Spring is around the corner. Even though many people might be under a few feet of snow, spring is in full bloom down here in Florida. I have noticed a few trends going on lately and realized that I better get on them now before it’s too late. One thing I really regret last year is waiting right before my summer vacation to buy a lot of things, and many times I found things sold out. The good news is many of these items are 10 or 20 dollars! Show me a good deal and I’m in! The trends that I have listed are all you will need to look stylish for Spring.


This Bamboo purse is so cute for spring and summer. I love this especially for going to the shore.


Makeup Organizer. I just purchased this and I am super excited about it. My makeup is currently all over the place on my vanity. I’m getting all Marie Kondo-ish and going to organize my makeup. This makeup set comes in 4 different sets and can be easily stacked. I can’t wait to see how this helps me organize my makeup.


Self Tanner. I just heard about this self tanner. I am super excited because the one I currently use is a little expensive and I really want to explore another brand that is just as good. You can find this brand super affordable. Btw: My other self tanning post is here.


Dupe LV case. I have this and it is such good quality. My mom saw it and thought I actually bought a real one. I love this case and the quality shocked me. I even accidentally dropped it and it protected my phone. So all in all I give this a 10/10.


Palm Print beach cover up. I love this cover up and the price is incredible. Everyone thought I bought it in some expensive store and I laughed because they had no clue how much I spent on it. The quality is excellent and I wore it over my bathing suit and a summer dress.


Rockstud sandals. These are a complete dupe in the cutest style. I am definitely getting a pair for my next vacation.


Pom Pom shoulder bag. This is the cutest bag for a day or night. I can already see myself wearing this to lunch at the beach with my hubby.


Floral Print headbands. These are definitely on trend right now. I love how they go with any outfit. I just ordered these. What I love about a good headband is how it still makes you look cute and put together (even though you might not be).


Oversized beach hat. I am obsessed with this hat and have had the hardest time finding it under 50. The price of this will not only shock you but you will be the belle of the ball in it. Btw: This item is selling out fast!


Scrunchies with bows. I’m definitely a 90s kid at heart and I love scrunchies. I wear one every night to sleep and just bought this pack so I can have a bunch in different colors. I’ll be wearing my hair up a lot in the summer and will put these to good use.


Makeup travel bag. Got any plans to travel this spring and summer time? This will be perfect for traveling and stopping your makeup from spilling everywhere. I also love that there’s a place for my makeup brushes so they don’t get damaged.


Sunglasses. I love oversized sunglasses especially for the beach. Here’s my story about sunglasses: One time I bought expensive sunglasses, felt so cool going to the beach with them until one time a big wave crashed over me and yup…can you guess??? I lost my sunglasses! Somewhere in the ocean there’s a fish swimming around with designer sunglasses…haha! So, I never wear expensive sunglasses to the beach anymore. These sunglasses look designer but definitely don’t come with the price tag.

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