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Spring is only a few days away and I can’t wait to take my son to the beach on a more regular basis. My sister takes her toddlers to the beach once a week and she helped me compile a list of some items that every parent should know about before taking their child to the beach. You can click on any of the pictures above and it will take your right to the product. Btw- some of the items are on sale too!

One and Two {On Sale}

These bathing suits will protect your babies from a sun burn. Babies have sensitive skin and sunscreen isn’t enough.


Sun Protection Hat {Under 10 dollars!}

The first time I saw this hat, I didn’t want it for Tommy. However, when I put on the cute hat I got for him, he still got sunburned by the reflection of the water. Honestly, this hat is so much better for babies to protect their head, ears and neck from the sun.


I don’t buy my son expensive sunglasses because he just takes them right off. These are under 5 dollars and still stylish.

Five and Seven

These are the best water shoes and have incredible reviews. They a soft like a sock but protect your child from the hot sand and stepping on any rock.


Nautical themed beach shorts. I got these for Tommy last year. I have to size up for all of Tommy’s bathing suits and you might have to also. Keep that in mind when purchasing them.


Honest Sunscreen. This is the best sunscreen and the company is known for not using toxins, which I love.


Swim Diapers. This is a must because the diapers do not swell up. One time, I made the mistake of forgetting to not take a swim diaper off and when I picked up Tommy he was all full of pee. So just be ware Mamas, they are only for the pool/ beach. You can use a regular diaper but they will swell up and might be uncomfortable for your baby.


Water wipes are really great for when you need water and aren’t close to a sink. These are great for the face, hands etc.

Eleven {On Sale too}

These are personalized towels. I love that they even have a hood. Disney is running a sale right now on all beach towels.


Inexpensive beach toys. These are perfect for playing in the sand.


Toddler beach chair. What I love about this is the top canopy doubles as the carrier. It’s so easy to carry and your child can sit in it comfortably and it has a cup holder.


This is the best beach bag ever. As soon as I saw it, I knew it was perfect for the beach because the bottom doubles as a mini cooler. Anything that makes my life simpler, I love! You can use it for groceries and road trips too.


Beach carrier. This is perfect to put all your towels, bags, beach chairs, etc in. I purchased this a few years ago and it saves me from dragging everything on the sand. It’s an easy transfer from the car to the beach.

Hope you found this list helpful. If you have any questions or comments, leave them below. Can’t wait to hear what you think!

xo, Carol

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