The Secret {Anti-Aging} Ingredient in my Weekly Night Time Routine

Hi Everyone,

 I think there are times as a working Mom that we want to be everything for everyone and it eventually takes a toll on you. At least that’s how I feel. I’m always serving others but forget to take care of myself. One thing I have been trying to do is set aside one night a week where it is just “me time” aka no husband, baby, dog, social media, work distractions. This is time that I set aside to take a hot bath, listen to music, the Bible or a book; I deep condition my hair and give myself my weekly anti- aging eye treatment.

For some of you, you might be like: there’s no way I have time for that. Well, I used to be like that too. Until I started getting sick, snappy and outright burnt out. I told my husband and he was like: I want you to be happy and not feel like you have to always be taking care of something. He is really good about helping me take care of things around the house so I can have that couple of hours to myself. One thing I have learned is: I am a better mom, wife, daughter, and friend when I take care of myself.

Something new I have added into my weekly routine is the VII Code O2 Oxygen Eye Mask. You get 6 treatments in one box. I took a picture of what my skin looked like before and the morning after. This is just after one treatment!

You can see how much smoother my eye is after one treatment. Even my under eye makeup has been applying better. There is also a treatment for dark circles that I want to get for my husband because I was shocked at how quickly I saw results. 

Here’s my weekly “me time” routine:

Step One: I have never been a shower person. I love taking baths and especially when I add a bath bomb. It just makes relaxing so much better. I usually put on a good audio book, listen to the Bible, watch Youtube or listen to relaxing music.  I deep condition my hair while relaxing in the tub. I try not to do anything work related as that defeats the purpose…lol

Step Two: I put on some pajamas. I am all about comfy pajamas that are breathable and soft.

Step Three: I’ll blow out my hair, brush my teeth and take my makeup off.

Step Four: I brush my teeth, exfoliate my face, cleanse and moisturize.

Step Five: I pour myself a cold glass of water, put on some lip balm (so I wake up without dry lips). 

Step Six: I apply my  O2 Oxygen Eye mask so I wake up looking like a newer fresher version of myself. This is my favorite step because it takes no effort as the formula works overnight to transform your under eye to younger smoother skin. 

Step Seven: After I wake up in the morning I like to drink some tea with lemon. This has really helped my metabolism get started for the day. I’m awake, refreshed and ready to be the best version of me. 

I would love to hear about your night time routine. Have you done something special for yourself lately? 

Thank you to VII Code for sponsoring this post and as always thoughts and opinions are my own.

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