Easy & Affordable Easter Basket Ideas (For Toddlers)

Hi Everyone!

Well… Easter is around the corner and I can’t believe it. I feel like I finally just got over Christmas and New Years. This year is flying by! One of my favorite holidays is coming up…Easter! I have some amazing memories of getting Easter baskets as a child. I think my parents bought me one every year until the end of Elementary school. I asked my Mom what she would put in our gift baskets and it was a little bit of fun things but also useful stuff. Which gave me an idea since Tommy is so little and won’t really appreciate the Easter basket, I wanted to put things in there that are useful but also fun like: Shirts, shorts, Easter themed books, gold fish crackers, and apple sauce snacks. I also bought a few toys that are all under 10 dollars like a little toy rabbit and of course a new light up car.

We saved things from his birthday in December that he still hasn’t even opened yet. My sister in law gave me that great idea! Save a few toys from your child’s birthday and give it throughout the year as a reward or to celebrate something. I saved a few cars and a little car ramp that my parents gave him as a stocking stuffer and I’ll fill his basket with that one. I am also filling the eggs with gold fish crackers since he doesn’t really eat candy at the moment.

All in all we spent under 20 dollars for everything that we wanted to get for Tommy in his basket. We wanted to make this year’s Easter basket a fun experience but not break the bank with unnecessary toys that he probably won’t even use.

Everything linked below is around 10 dollars!!!

  1. Easter themed books. I am building a collection of books for Tommy so every season I am taking advantage and buying some holiday themed books. We can use these for many upcoming years.


(The Numbers are out of order since I am organizing it by Girl section and Boy section):

2. Unicorn themed Easter Basket

3. Little Mermaid doll (My niece go this for her birthday and will not put it down- so I am sure your little girl will love it too!)

4. FurReal “Pet”

11. Unicorn themed squeezies. These come in a bundle and they are so squishy, soft and fun.

12. Peppa Pig play set

Boy or Girl Toys

5. Play Cell phones bundle (comes separate too)

6. Plush Toy Rabbit

7. Toy Maracas


8. Set of 3 Light up Cars: Tommy loves these and they come in a few other themes.

9. Dinosaur Themed Basket

10. Big size building blocks: Tommy basically is still in that “put everything” in my mouth faze so these don’t worry me as a chocking hazard.

I linked a bunch of other things below that are not listed above that might interest you with an Easter theme.

Happy Easter Everyone!

Xo, Carol

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