8 Things You’ll Need for the Summer

Hi Everyone!

If you are celebrating Mother’s Day today, let me wish you a wonderful and happy day. Lately, I have found my self stocking up on a few trends for the summer. The cool thing that I love about summer is it’s minimal. You can repeat the same basic T-shirt, romper or dress with different accessories and it looks like you have a new outfit. Below I have listed a few summer trending must haves that will help you stay on trend all summer long.



I just got this in the mail and I already want to get one in every color. This is a dupe version, but it looks identical to the real one that is 150 dollars. I love the pearl detail and it’s very well made (not to mention it’s under a dollar!). The best part about a head band is it helps your hair look ‘put together” with minimum effort.


Pearl hair accessories. If you are on instagram, then you have seen this a bunch of times. many online stores are selling it for almost 100 dollars. I found this on Amazon, exactly the same, for 5 dollars. I bought it and it is really the cutest hair pin. You can wear one or all three, there’s no wrong. 


Sunglasses. These sunglasses are under 70 and very flattering for any face shape. That was the first thing that worried me when I ordered them online. They were the same sunglasses that Megan Markle wore recently in NYC and sold out in an hour.  They were just restocked but have sold out again since. So glad I found them for you all. 


White clear purse. This has to be one of my favorite summer trends. I just ordered it but it does take a while to get it. I’ve had to wait a month for it. So, if you want it for summer, I would order it now. I’ve seen people put their designer makeup bags or change purses in it and I’m loving it. 


Romper. This is a cute simple romper. Comes in other colors and stripes. They have a navy one that is so cute. I love these for the summer. Anything that is light weight and makes getting out of the house easier, is great for me (especially because I am a working Mom). 


I have gone back and forth wanting to purchase this and the reviews are so good. I love the rockstud style but the designer version of these shoes, for me, are very uncomfortable (the price doesn’t make it easier). I’ve heard several other bloggers rave about this and they all say its more comfortable than the designer pair. They are currently in my shopping cart. 


Daily Sunscreen. I’ve had this recommended forever but I have very sensitive skin, so never wanted to try it. Recently I have been really into K-Beauty and this was highly recommended. I tried a sample of it and loved it. It also doubles as a primer, and best part it doesn’t make my sensitive skin break out. 


Self-Tanner. There are a lot of self tanners out there but this one is the only one that makes me look the same as if I got a professional spray tan. I have never used a product that replicated that. This bottle lasts me about a year. I use it more frequently in the summer time. The best one is the 2 hour dark express. Also, my favorite drugstore self tanner is here


I hope you all have a wonderful day and week.

XO, Carol

Ps. There’s a recent blog post all about weekend outfit ideas here. It would also go perfect for summer style favorites. 

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