Elemis Anti-Aging Pro-Collagen Skincare…Is it worth it?!?

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I hope you are having a great week. This is our last week of school and it is always bitter sweet. Time to say goodbye to the students that I have gotten to know and cherish for the last year, but also say hello to summer! During the summer time I always make a goal for my-self. What is something that I can improve on that I have put to the side lately? Truthfully, since the beginning of May I have really put a lot of effort in improving my skin. My goal is to be able to walk outside without any makeup and not look like a scary lady…haha! 

 A while back if you remember on my IG, I had visited a local Ideal Image Med Spa. They are not only experts in skin care but they also do laser treatments to get rid of that ugly hair in unwanted places. Being Spanish and Italian, I have plenty of unwanted hair…let me tell you…lol. I actually went to Ideal Image Med Spa from 22-25 years old (for laser hair removal),  so I was super excited to check out the new Med Spa location (check out locations near you here). While there, I received a Photo Facial that helped to pin point exactly what the problem areas are and the people there were so kind to give me a mini facial with products that would actually help my skin. If you haven’t done this, I highly recommend. They take a quick photo of your skin with a special machine that can see any problem areas beneath the skin. This was especially life changing for me because I saw the sun damage beneath my skin. After having a friend suffer from skin cancer, it was a wake up call to take better care of my skin.  Honestly, this was the biggest help to me, and my skin has never been better. 

The idea is when you have the right skin products, they should also help to heal your skin and continue to improve it over time.


Here’s what I have been using:

Elemis Pro-Collagen Rose Cleansing Balm

One of the beauty secrets of many skin specialists has always been double cleansing the skin. This is a balm that is a “super cleansing treatment balm” that gently washes all your makeup away. 

It improves:

  • Fine Lines and wrinkles

It Contains:

  • Padina Pavonica, English Rose, Rosehip Oil

It’s Purpose:

  • Deep Cleanses, soothes and calms

I wear water proof mascara and everyday I am shocked when I look in the mirror and how it has washed all my makeup away, yet it’s soothing and not drying. 


Elemis Pro-Collagen Overnight Matrix

This item is a little bit of a splurge but OMG worth every penny. It is a “wrinkle smoothing night cream”. I only use the size of a dime and it covers my whole face. It will probably last me a very long time, so it’s worth the investment. Out of everything, it is my favorite because it has changed the softness, appearance, and texture of my skin. 

It improves:

  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Replenishes, firms, nourishes

It Contains:

  • Padina Pavonica, Drone Peptide Technology, Microalgae

It’s Purpose:

Overnight Anti-Aging Cream

Elemis Pro-Collagen Hydra-Gel Eye Masks

This has helped those little fine lines under my eyes look a lot better. I recently noticed my under eye cream not creasing as much and realized it’s because of using the Elemis under eye pads. They are a game changer to overall younger looking skin. 

It Improves:

  • Fine lines under and around the eye

It Contains:

  • Padina Pavonica, Chlorella, & Hyaluronic Acid 

It’s Purpose:

  • Soothes, tightens, hydrates

All in all, I can’t say enough how highly I recommend using Elemis skin care products. My skin has looked 100 times better ever since I have started using the products. For Mother’s Day, my Sister and Mom both asked for the products I have been using because they have seen such a difference in my skin. 


Right now Elemis is offering free shipping on purchases over $50 and a free gift for purchases over $30. 


*This post is not sponsored by Elemis but they were gifted. As always, thoughts and opinions are my own. Thank you to Elemis for your generosity, my skin has truly improved for the better. 


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