10 Beauty Essentials you Need for Summer

Hi Everyone,

I hope you are having a wonderful Sunday.  I have been slowly changing up my beauty routine for summer, and I wanted to share with you some of the changes that I have made. It has been consistently 85- 95 degrees in South Florida. Not to mention it usually feels like 100 degrees. That’s really hot…literally (lol). I’ve noticed my skin getting more oily than usual and my foundation breaking up on my face…which has been super annoying. So, I have been slowly switching over to products that help my makeup stay all day and enhance that summer bronzey glow. 



ONE: Blotting Sheets

These are really great for picking up excess oil on the face during the day. What I like about these is it removes oil without messing up your makeup. Also, adding more powder (during the day) to the face can cause clogged pores and breakouts.

    TWOHair Styling Cream

This protects the hair from styling heat but also heat from the sun. A must have for summer to protect hair from outdoor harsh heat.

THREE: Setting Spray

This spray protects your makeup from wearing off throughout the day, doesn’t over dry the skin and can even refresh the skin throughout the day.

FOUR: Body Blur Cream

This is not a self-tanner but I use this to blur out imperfections on the skin. I have used this tan or not tan and it just helps to erase imperfections on the skin (even covers up spider veins on your legs). 

FIVE: Sunless Tanner

This self-tanner helps you to achieve that sun tanned glow without the harshness of the sun. I have a full blog post on it here. Definitely purchase it with a mitt because it will stain your hands. 

SIX: Oil Control Face cream

With the humidity and heat, my makeup has not stayed on as long as I’d like it to throughout the day. Even though I work indoors, the heat from the car to the building is enough to make my makeup start breaking up. I got this as a sample but found that there was a significant difference in how long my makeup stayed throughout the day. I had very little oil breakthrough and my makeup lasted a good 8 hours. 

 SEVEN: Lip balm

I love this lip product. I use it all day and keep it in my purse. Helps to keep your lips hydrated and you can even wear it at night. It comes in other colors too. My favorite is Peach

EIGHT: Everyday Sunscreen

I have been using this every day. I wrote about this a few times and recently in this post. After I received a photo facial, I realized how much sun damage I have under my skin; even though I am barely outside. I realized that even the walk from my car to my home, is enough to get sun damage. I have a friend who died of skin cancer, so I realized; I need to take care of my skin better. I wear this every day before I put on my makeup.

NINE: Skin Essence

Okay, this is a little bit of a splurge. However, I would never mention it if it wasn’t a game changer. It is really good! I received it as a sample and started using it everyday. The microbeads help to moisturize skin with Camelia Alba aka it hydrates and energizes the skin. I have been using it for 8 weeks and have barely dented my product bottle, and my skin looks SO much better. It will last a very long time, so the price and the quality of the product justifies itself. 

TEN: Bronzer

I feel like my list wouldn’t be complete without a good summer glowy tanner. This bronzer can be used for bronzing the skin or as contour. I do not like to get sun on my face, so this is perfect to warm up your makeup so it looks like you have been on a Caribbean cruise for a week…lol. It comes in many different shades and this limited edition version comes with a bronzing brush.  

I hope you enjoyed today’s Summer Beauty Post. I linked all the items mentioned above, below, plus a bunch of drug store options. What is your Summer Beauty must haves? Let me know in the comment section below.

Xo, Carol

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