My Self-Tanning Routine for the Summer

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It’s summer time and I am all about that bronzy glow. Here’s the deal. I am very very fair…I mean when I buy foundation, I’m one of the lightest shades. Which is sort of annoying because I’m Italian and Spanish so you wouldn’t think that’d be the case for My brother and sister get the most beautiful tan but me, I burn, get a little light color, peal and then…back to square one. I have tried a few different self tanners but nothing has ever really worked the way a spray tan does.  So, I’m gonna share with you some tips and tricks of how I go from pale to a bronzy glow.

Professional Spray Tan

First of all, before I go one a trip I make sure that I get a professional spray tan. This is something I have always done because ultimately those do last long and they do all the hard work for you as far as evenly applying a tan from top to bottom. This is especially good when you have very little time. I do the versa spa and pay for the “clear extra dark”. This helps me to have a darker tan but there’s not an instant bronze so it takes 4-8 hours for it to appear. Here’s a helpful trick: sometimes around holidays spray tanning salons offer special discounts- so I bought a bunch of spray tans for 10 dollars when they usually cost 35 and up (depending on the color you want). 

At Home Spray Tan

I use this spray tan to achieve a beautiful bronzy glow. Also there is a special discount code here. This is the only spray tan I have ever used that helps me to achieve the same type of spray tan glow and it lasts the same amount of time as a professional tan would. Sometimes, I only self tan what people will see (i.e arms, legs, and decollate). If I am going to the beach, I’ll do it all. I ask my husband to do my back for me. There is mitt that you can purchase here to help you do your back without help. You have to apply this self tanner with a mitt because it will stain your hands for up to a week if you don’t. Plus it’ll get under your nails, etc and it’s not cute.

Helpful Hints

I prefer to self tan at night so I can sleep in it and wake up tan. It doesn’t have a smell at all. if that bothers you, then self tan in the morning and wash at night. You want it to stay on the skin for at least 8 hours. Remember, the longer it’s on the skin, the longer it lasts.

At home self-tanning Routine

Here’s how I self tan:

  1. Exfoliate with a glove and shave (shaving really helps get the dead skin but it’s not enough, the extra step of exfoliating helps). 
  2. Self- tan (you only need one pump per section of your body) For example, I would use one pump for my leg and another for my thigh. 
  3. Spread the excess from the glove on your hands and feet. Do not do a new pump. When I spread the excess from the mitt to my hands and feet, I don’t get that blotchy tan look. 
  4. Minimally tan knees and elbows. Also, double exfoliate those areas. Self tanning hack: use a wet towel and go over those areas to get the excess tanner off-this prevents dark elbows and knees. 
  5. Wear loose clothing after tanning to avoid color transferring.
  6. Wash hands immediately, gently wipe wrists- this helps the color from blotching and your hands from looking differently than your arms. If this does happen- wear bracelets and a watch- in one day it’ll fade and you’ll be fine.
  7. The next morning (that night- depending on when you tanned) rinse the excess tanner off (wash with a gentle soap- I use this one) and follow with a drug store spray tan. I love this one. Following with a self tanner spray is optional but I find it helps cover any spots I didn’t realize I missed.

Lately, I have been using this as a makeup to cover up any uneven tan lines, skin imperfections like an annoying spider vein I have. I also love using this with a dress when I don’t have time to tan. Here is a drug store option too. 

Ps. On my instagram I explain a little more about the self-tanner I use, and I saved it to my highlights (under self-tanning). 

Key Wet Body scrub found here

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