Recent Amazon Purchases: Hits and Misses

Hi Everyone,

Ive been gearing up for summer time and that means more traveling, going to the park with Tommy, and down time at home. Since I am a teacher, I spend more time at home during the summer so I find my self ordering comfortable pieces for home (i.e. athleisure wear) and travel essentials since we usually go out of town a few times during the summer. I recently placed a huge order (and that’s not like me) but everything came out to less than 65 dollars. I purchased these items from friend recommendations to You Tubers that swear by these products…the only problem is some of them are a complete MISS for me. Here’s what I purchased:

  1. Fluffy Slippers: I lovveee fluffy slippers to walk around the house or travel with. These are  super comfortable and come in a bunch of different colors. When I first purchased them, they had a weird glue smell but I sprayed perfume on them and by now they don’t smell. Definitely size up if you decide to purchase these. 

2. Travel Makeup Bag. My favorite part about this bag is that the compartments are interchangeable (so you can customize it-see next photo). There’s a place for your makeup brushes, and a zipper pocket. It also comes in a larger size and other colors. 



3. Personal Fan. Reasons why I got this to set my makeup, put it in my purse so I can use it for when I am outside (i.e beach, pool, & playground). It’s almost 100 degrees in Florida…I need this fan haha. My husband loves it too because he hates getting sweaty outside like when we are at a park or outside BBQing. So, I am getting him one in a different color. It comes in a bunch of colors, two fan settings, and it’s rechargeable (no batteries required).

4.  Hair Accessories. I bought the pearl headband for under a dollar (it’s super cute and trendy for summer), and the pearl hair accessories are the best for pulling your hair back in a cute chic way.

5. Simple Modern To Go Cup. I’m trying to drink more water and less juice and soda. This is every teacher’s favorite (it also makes great gifts). In comes in many many different colors, some can be customized with your name on it.  I got the 32oz. It keeps my water cold all day, the ice barely melts.

6. Metal Straws: This is a MISS for me. I can’t stand the metal straw. I got it because so many people rave about how it keeps the water cold…all I taste is metallic water. It’s not for me. The tumbler comes with two reusable straws….I regret purchasing it for sure.

7. Chloe Sunlasses (dupes). These are definitely a MISS. They are wayyy to huge for my face and I look like a character from a bug movie…lol. I saw so many people look cute in them, but it’s not for me. I prefer these sunglasses (Gucci Dupes) as seen on my first picture or the same glasses in a two pack here

8. Clear Purse. I love this purse. The white bag inside can come out and be used as a travel/ makeup bag. I’ve seen some people put a designer makeup bag inside and it looks really cute.  I ordered this months ago and it was back ordered. It has been on my summer It lists here and here. Definitely worth it! Comes in a bunch of other colors and styles too. 

9. Louis Vuitton style Cell phone case. I can’t tell you how many times I have been stopped and asked about this case. Plus, it’s baby proof because my son has carried it around and dropped it (even threw it- yikes) and nothing has ever happened to it. I don’t recommend it as an otter box style phone case, but it definitely has worked for me. It also comes with an LV handle but I never use it. 

10. Travel Makeup Brush Case.  This is not necessary unless you have a lot of makeup brushes. The travel bag comes with a makeup brush holder. However, I ordered this since I carry a lot of makeup brushes and don’t like it when my makeup gets dirty from brushes. I love that this is lined with plastic so it keeps it hygienic.


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