Travel Essentials for Summer

Hi Everyone!

I hope you are having a great day today. It’s summer and many of us will be doing some traveling soon, so I wanted to do an #ItLIST dedicated to travel essentials. If you are new to my blog, Every Sunday I come out with a new list of products that I highlight from skin care, makeup, and fashion trends. I sort of think of it like a “quick edit” highlighting some great tried and true products.  Here are the travel Essentials every girl needs from an airplane ride to a road trip.


Toiletry bag. This is a LV dupe. It is super cute and fits in any bag. perfect for holding toiletries like a small toothbrush, comb, makeup, tissues etc. 


Oversized Tote bag. I can’t say enough about a good Tote bag. I pack an extra pair of clothes in there, use it for work, and even double it as a diaper bag. 


An oversized sweater is perfect for a road trip or an airplane ride. Super cozy and easy to sleep in.


Back up battery for your phone. We watch tons of movies on the road, listen to audio books, talk on the phone and listen to music-all on our Iphone. This is a must for us. We even use it for Disney because we aren’t able to charge our phones throughout the day. 


Air Pods. This is especially good for an airplane ride. 


I saw this back pack on Amazon. It fits so much! If tote bags aren’t your thing then definitely get a good backpack. This one comes in several colors. 


Containers. This is good for road trips. You can portion out the snacks for your kids. I also use these for school. 


Neck Pillow. I love that this pillow adjusts so you can actually comfortably lean on it. 


Makeup bag. I use this all the time and love it. it’s customizable (I go into detail about this on the highlights of my instagram under Amazon). It comes in other colors too. 


Water Wipes. These are important to use for cleaning up, washing hands and face and can be used as baby wipes. I use them all the time for long flights. 

I highlighted more travel essentials below.

Happy Travels, Carol

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