Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Dupes

Hi Everyone!

At this point, you might be super annoyed of everyonneeee talking about the Nordstrom aka the #NSALE…lol. The worst was that so many things sold out so fast and most people couldn’t get a hold of things. I was actually shocked how fast things sold out. The first thing I noticed while at Nordstrom was how many items looked so familiar like I’ve seen them before…lol! That’s where Amazon and few other popular retailers come in. I mean the quality will always be a little different but all in all so many things were the same, that I actually returned some items. I made a list of all the best of the dupes and a few other great items that you might be interested in. I’ve had my eye on a new pair of Golden Goose sneakers…it’s so hard for me to justify paying so much for a shoe that looks dirty (lol); which is why the dupes are a perfect fit. There are so many other good dupes and they look and feel exactly the same! It’s hard to justify spending hard earned money when the same thing is available for less. 



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Hope you enjoyed this post. As always, leave a comment below if you have any questions. 

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