Why are they my July Favorites…

  1. Riki Mirror: Comes with a cellphone holder that sticks to the mirror and a magnifying glass that helps when plucking unwanted hair. Not to mention the lights really get bright. I use it all the time for Instagram videos and applying my makeup. 

2. Revlon One Step hair dryer. I am shocked at the results. I have a highlight on my instagram dedicated to this and it is incredible.

3. I never leave the house without spraying my hair with this. The humidity in Florida has been crazy plus the heat doesn’t help. This really helps my hair stay as smooth as possible. 

4. This mascara primer is a game changer. It’s really helped my eye lashes look longer and fuller almost like I got a lash lift. I have short lashes so I can’t use mascara without it. 

5. This is a liquid lip that dries down and doesn’t leave your lips all day. It’s a dupe for one of my Tom Ford lipsticks called Paradiso but the L’Oreal one lasts longer and its a quarter of the price. The color I have is called Guava Gush. 

6. It took me forever to get on the Foreo ‘wagon’ but I love it. I only use it a few times a week since my skin is still getting used to it but it is a great exfoliator. 

7. I just started using this in the beginning of the month and it’s the only serum I’ll be using for a while- it’s so good! You will see a difference almost immediately in your skin. 

8. CC Cream. Okay so this product is a little expensive but well worth it. It has healthy skin benefits like Vitamin C and Hyaluronic Acid plus built in sunscreen. BTW: The rule of thumb for younger looking skin is: Sunscreen during the day and retinol at night. 

9. I purchased these $6 Mercury tea light holders and use them as makeup brush holders. I love them and they look great on any table top all year long.

10. Last but not least this jumbo lotion that is usually $80 but is not on sale at the Nordstrom sale only for today. I use this lotion weekly and can probably say it’s my favorite lotion because it keeps my skin hydrated. I wash my hands a lot especially because I am a Mom and Teacher. So, my hands get really dry and eczema can form around my knuckles. This stops it and treats it. It’s definitely worth every penny and a family favorite. 

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