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What I’m Wearing

Hi Everyone!

Back to School is fully in session and I am gearing up to get my classroom ready for all my new students. It’s been exhausting going back to work and being on a full time work schedule. Working from home is very different than working for someone else and in some ways more exhausting. But I love teaching so it is a labor of love and I am hoping it will be a great year.

In other news, I saw the Lion King last week (I loved it!) and I wore this to the movies. My husband was like, this is such a “you ” outfit we decided to take pictures in it.

Let’s talk about the cami. The cami is my jam and I have it in black too. It’s such a good basic. Always wait for a sale though, because you can get more for your dollar. That’s what I do and you can’t go wrong with black and white. An added bonus, they are not see through so you can wear them as a shell or alone. 

I got the skirt during the Pre-Fall Nordstrom sale. You can pair this with sneakers  or sandals for the hotter months or boots for the colder months. I love items I can wear for different occasions so that’s why I loved it. One added bonus is it doesn’t ride up. being a curvy girl I can wear a skirt and it’ll go to my knees and by the time I sit down, take three steps it is wayyy too short. So, this one doesn’t ride up and I appreciate that. The material is the real hero here!

Lastly, the cardigan. Unfortunately it sold out so fast during the Nordstrom sale but I found an almost exact dupe with Amazon that is half the price and is just as soft + great reviews. Amazon has so many great pre-fall outfits that I’ll be probably going there more often. Also, if you work in an office or classroom (like me) it is perfect to have at your desk because it gets cold indoors.

I linked my outfit plus some similar ones below. By the way, I am always sure to  check reviews to make sure you are getting an item of high quality. You work hard for your money and I’m here to help you find the best at the lowest prices. 

Hope you enjoyed today’s post!



What I’m wearing + similar items

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