12 Classroom (or Office) Outfit Ideas by a REAL Teacher

Hi Everyone!

I hope you are having a great week. If you follow my instagram, you know that I started back at school this week. It’s definitely been exhausting. It’s sort of like moving into a new house and having company every day lol. Last week I set up my classroom and this week I started having students. It’s nice to be back on a schedule. In some weird way, I actually find it comforting to have a lot of structure in my day whereas in the summer, I just went with the flow a lot.

On a more interesting note, I have 12 cute outfit ideas that would be perfect for the classroom. If you work in an office, they work too (except my Queen of the classroom t-shirt…haha!). Everything I bought was on sale and super affordable. I’m so happy that I can share more about my journey as a teacher. If you work in an office or are a teacher; it’s good to know you have other strong women who are also friends, daughters, wives, mothers, and community leaders to share life with -including the ups and downs. 


FYI-All my work pants are from the same place. I get the Marisa fit because it’s better if you have a curvy figure. I did fit in the Julie fit but the Marisa is a little bit more comfortable. The work pants are true to size. They did stretch a little as I wore them throughout the day but nothing major. Once you wash them, they go back to their original form.  

There is a full blog post on this jacket and top here and how to wear it 4 different ways.

Hope you enjoyed today’s post! If you are a teacher like me, i’d love to connect with you via Instagram. 

Xo, Carol


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