Is the Revlon One Step Volumizer Really Better Than my Dyson?

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 Hi Everyone!

So everyone on Instagram is raving about this Revlon One Step Volumizer and I tried it against my Dyson hair dryer. There are definitely pros and cons for both. Just to give you a little background on my ethnicity for those who don’t know. I am half Italian and have Spanish. Therefore, I have lots and lots of hair and it has (I guess you could say) a mind of its own…haha. So, my true hair is very very curly and not the cute mermaid kind. It’s curly and frizzy, some is wavy and some is super curly. I blow it out a couple of times a week (especially in the summer). In the summer time, I do a lot of up dos, hair clips and headbands to try and disguise my crazy mane. I did find a shampoo and conditioner that helped a lot and actually wrote a whole blog post about it. However, blow drying my hair and restyling it is still a chore in itself.

My sister and Mom both have been using the Revlon hair dryer for sometime now and both raved about it. But since I bought the Dyson, I felt I didn’t need it. Then, I started to see more and more people talk about it on Instagram and the best part…I found it on sale. So I figured why not try it, what could I lose, right?

I tried it and here’s my thoughts about the Revlon one Step Hair dryer.


  • It blows my hair out in under a half hour and usually it takes 45 mins at minimum.
  • I don’t have to  re-straighten it with a straightening iron and then curl it. This takes away a half hour at least from my overall styling time.
  • Finally, it can also be used to touch up my hair throughout the week. Add a little dry shampoo and it looks like you have freshly blown out hair. 


  • The only con is that it gets really hot. So make sure to protect your hair with a heat protectant. That’s the only thing I am worried about long term.
  • The big brush doesn’t allow you to get to some of your roots so you might have to touch up with a straightening iron. I do this but it is very minimal and also depends on what type of curly hair you have. 


My thoughts on the Dyson.


  • It gives a very smooth blow out.
  • It takes a little less time than a traditional blow dryer (45min versus 60 mins).
  • Heat controlling. This is the best part because it has special technology that will NOT overheat your hair. Someone that already suffers from dry unruly hair, this is a major plus. 


  • It still takes a long time to style like a traditional blow dryer.
  •  I still have to touch up a lot with a straightening iron and curling iron. Ultimately, still putting heat damage on my hair.

Those are my thoughts on both tools. It really depends on your budget and what is most important to you. The best value and performance, in my opinion, is the Revlon One Step Volumizer.

Hope this helped you if you were on the fence to purchase one of these items. You really can’t go wrong with either.



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