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Hi Everyone,

We are back from a fun trip at Disney over the weekend. If you are new here, I live in South Florida so traveling to Disney is only a few short hours away. I have been visiting Orlando since I was a little girl because I have so much family that lives there. Last year for Christmas we purchased season passes so we could enjoy going to Disney whenever we wanted to. We love going in the Fall and to tell you the truth prefer only this season because it’s so much better (see my last post on why here). We probably won’t renew until next Fall so we wanted to take advantage of the season before our passes expire. 

While at Disney, we made some yummy Funfetti cakes and even added a secret ingredient that made it so moist and yummy. The Funfetti recipe is so easy and honestly one of my favorites for special events like birthdays and holidays. My little niece helped me out and she lovesss to cook. She is so sweet and of course my son wanted to jump in and help and by help I mean eat all the sprinkles (lol). It’s such a fun and easy recipe for the whole family and/ or friends to enjoy that I wanted to share. We made cupcakes for the kids and a cake for dessert later that day. One box is more than enough to serve 10 people (that’s how many were in our group).

Here’s the Recipe from the box:

  • 1 package Pillsbury Funfetti® Premium Cake Mix
  • 1 1/4 cups water
  • 1/3 cup Vegetable Oil instead we used Olive Oil because that’s all we had but OMG it tasted sooo good!
  • 4 egg whites- we used whole eggs not just the whites. 
  • 1 container Pillsbury Funfetti® Vanilla Flavored Frosting, any variety- I got the Halloween themed frosting to match but any frosting will do. The best value is to get the frosting with sprinkles connected on top. 


  • Step 1: Prepare cake mix according to package directions. After you take it out of the oven….Let it cool completely. Time saving hack: Let it cool for a few minutes outside of the oven and then stick it in the fridge. 
  • Step 2: Pipe or spread frosting on top of cupcakes or cake. Sprinkle evenly with candy bits from frosting.
  • See back of ingredients for how long you should cook it for. We had 4 cupcakes and a 9X9 cake pan and it cooked in 35 minutes at 350 degrees. 


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