Our Family Life Update in 2019

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Hi Everyone,

Well, I’m sure you have figured it out by now…WE’RE PREGNANT! We are so excited. We wanted to wait for the right time and we felt this was it. We tried our best to plan our pregnancy for the summer (teacher life- lol), but we will be expecting our little miracle in April 2020. For those who read my birth story with Tommy (here) know I had a very hard time giving birth and actually almost died. I ended up needing an emergency surgery the next day after giving birth. So, with that said we wanted to wait until I felt ready and also for my body to fully recuperate. Not to mention giving us some years between Tommy and baby #2. So we finally decided to try and God blessed us with a healthy baby. We are almost half way there. We might get to know the gender soon, so of course I ‘ll share that with you all. We feel very happy, fortunate and excited that Tommy will have a little brother or sister. 

Tommy is also turning 2 this December. We tried to combine our baby announcement with some 2 year old photos; turns out photographing a toddler with a giant #2 isn’t as easy as I thought it would be (lol), but I realize it looks like it was a part of the baby Announcement so we went with it….lol. When Tommy was born someone told me that the days would feel long but the years would be short and boy oh boy were they right. I can’t believe he is already 2. He is becoming so independent and very strong willed..lol (if you are a Mom you know what I mean). We are hoping to start potty training after Christmas (wish us luck!). Any advice in that category is freely welcomed!

On another exciting note, my husband decided to return to school to specialize in accounting. So next year we are going to have our hands full with 2 under 2, Jr back in school and balancing careers and my blog. It might sound crazy but we sort of do better when we have a ton of stuff going on. When I was pregnant with Tommy we moved into a new home, I was teacher of the year and we finally sold my “college car” lol. There was so much change in one year, so it only makes sense, in a weird way, that it would be like that again…lol. 

We feel grateful and fortunate for this blessing God has given us. If you could, please continue to keep us in prayer; It is greatly appreciated. Thank you for following our journey with us. I’m so happy I can finally say something since it’s getting harder to find angles that don’t make my stomach stick out…lol. 




**Thank you to Lisa for taking these beautiful photos. If you live in South Florida go ahead and check her out on Instagram via @lissantosphotography


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