Surprise it’s a….{Our Gender Reveal)

Hi Everyone!,

A couple of weeks ago I shared on my blog that we were expecting (blog post here), and now you know we are having a boy and we are so excited about it! To tell you the truth we were shocked! Everyone was telling me we were gonna have a girl but the funniest thing is my husband felt the entire time that it was a boy and probably was the only one that thought that lol. My pregnancy has been a little different than my first. I have to be careful with what I eat, how much and how fast. I was so nauseous in the beginning and I can’t stand the smell of my favorite Nespresso- only Starbucks. I drink a lot of tea and I find myself craving it in the afternoon. This was nothing like Tommy. I could eat and drink whatever I wanted and to tell you the truth I was a little bit of a bottomless pit and enjoyed every minute of it…(haha!).

We are really excited because we already have a little boy named Tommy that we love and now he’ll have a little brother which is super exciting. I always told people I wanted all boys so I could be the fun cool Aunt with my nieces…lol. Now we will have 4 males in the house, my husband, son, future son and dog (Oh Boy, Oh Boy!). 

These pictures were taken super last minute and I honestly didn’t know the gender and neither did my husband. I had them write it on a piece of paper and put it in an envelope. I was going to wait for Thanksgiving but my brother and sister and their families weren’t going to be with us so we decided last minute to do it the day we found out so we could all find out as a family together. It was way better this way because last time we knew before the party what gender the baby was. We were able to share the news with my husband’s family on Thanksgiving and even they were shocked but of course super happy for us. 

We are so grateful for this blessing and can’t wait to see him in April next year. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers as we prepare to be a family of four.



**Thank you to my brother in law for taking these pictures super last minute. 

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