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Hi Everyone!

I hope you are having a great weekend. We have been searching the internet for the best deals on Toddler gifts. Tommy’s birthday is in December and so is Christmas; so let’s just say it’s quite the expensive month for us…lol. We manage it all on a budget with price matching and finding the best deals. All of the items I have linked are the best and lowest prices. They are either items that we have bought for Tommy this year and he has actually liked and the other items are things we ordered for him or asked family members. By the way, Target will be price matching starting tomorrow; so if you find a better deal, they will match it for you!

I would say his favorite gift is this car and to be honest my niece loves it just as much. She cries every time we take her out of it. What I love about it is it can be controlled by an adult or if they are old enough it can be driven by the child. It’s really safe, but I would buy a spare battery since they don’t last very long (6-8 months, depending on how much you use the car). 

I’ll be posting more about this list on Instagram stories today. What are some toys your toddlers or kids love? I’d love to hear about it. 

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