Men’s Holiday Gift Guide 2019

Hi Everyone!

Can you believe there are 10 days until Christmas? The time is passing too fast and I feel like i’m going to blink and Christmas will be over. I am still doing some last minute shopping and of course my hubby is also in that category. We have Tommy’s birthday in December and with so many events happening; my husband and I always remember each other last. So this weekend I was looking for a few gifts to order before Christmas. I don’t know if the man in your life is like this, but my husband always tells me he doesn’t want anything and I have to “dig” it out of him…lol. My Dad and brother are super easy compared to him. So, finally he compiled a list of things he’d like to have. I also added some things my brother and Dad likes since we aren’t always shopping for a significant other. 

Here’s a Men’s Gift Guide (Hubby, Dad, and Brother approved…lol)

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