A Fresh Start to the New Year with Home Organization

Hi Everyone!

This week like many of you I am getting back to my routine and cleaning house…big time (ha). It’s kinda funny because when I was pregnant with Tommy, I had no desire to nest. However, with my current pregnancy, nothing is off limits..lol. I either want to get rid of everything, or donate it. We waited until we found out we were pregnant with another boy to really clean out Tommy’s closet and boy did we ever. We donated about 10 bags of items. It’s funny to think that we have so much junk just laying around that we really don’t need. 

Not only that but I am doing a No Spend January. Not gonna lie, it’s already been hard because I have a few things I want. But, it’ll just have to wait. I am taking time off from spending on frivolous things like clothes and makeup. However, anything that is a necessity, i’m fine with..like home organization. I’ll keep you updated and let you know how it goes, hopefully I can make it to the end of the month. Here are some items i’ve looked into to help me organize the clutter!

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