Four Goals for 2020

Hi Everyone,

I hope you are having a great 2020 so far. It’s been a little rough for us, not going to lie. We have had some family challenges with my husband’s grandmother’s health and we are adjusting to a new schedule with Jr going to school, working full time, balancing a toddler, dog, home, our marriage…it can be a lot. So, if you are having a hard 2020 so far- you aren’t alone. However, I do believe that just because you start one way doesn’t mean it has to end that way. One time I heard someone say: You can have a bad day but it doesn’t have to end badly. There’s always time to turn something around. I know that might sound ridiculous to some of you that I know are dealing with some real big hardships but I do believe that time heals all and we can still have a great year.  Here are four New Year’s Resolutions that I personally have for this year.



Okay, some of you might be rolling your eyes. However, after I have my baby I plan on exercising at least 3 times a week and eating healthier. Before I was pregnant, I went on Weight Watchers and was doing really well. A couple of years ago I was told I had high cholesterol and that was a serious wake up call for me. I want to be healthy and strong for my family. My children and husband deserve the best of me not the exhausted version. I will also say that until after I give birth, I am living my best life eating all the things (with in reason of course…haha). 


If you know me and are reading this, you are probably cracking up right now because I am not exactly known to be “the cook” of the family. My sister is a much better cook than me and my Mom and Mother-in-law are phenomenal. However, I would say since October of last year all I want to do is bake and cook. I even cooked a Pumpkin Pie for my family’s Thanksgiving and I never bring anything to Thanksgiving for fear or ridicule…lol. I recently found the coolest person on YouTube (actually my sister did) and he makes all fresh from scratch Italian recipes. I tried his Steak Pizzaiola recipe and my husband loved it! And honestly he would tell me the truth because he comes from a family of very good cooks. That’s all I needed as motivation to try new recipes. Every Sunday, my goal is to try a new recipe. You can imagine my husband is super happy about this because he always wanted me to cook more. 


I have been trying out this “no spend January” challenge right now. I thought it’d be easy but OMG it’s hard. But it’s taught me how much money I truly use on things that I probably don’t really need. I spend a lot of money with blogging because I’m always needing to come up with new content. So this time I want to stay more true to myself, not wear something once and donate it. I’d rather show you guys the sweater I am wearing on repeat rather than the newest style just because. My goal is to connect better with all of you and I feel that if I am more honest than that message will come across. Being wiser with my finances means: Careful with my spending (i.e. quality over quantity), saving money, and making the right investments for retirement (which is awhile a way but little by little I want to have a solid retirement fund). We are on our way to being debt free in the next 5 years and if we continue our path, we will for sure get there. 


This might sound weird to some of you but let me explain. I work all day at school, I take care of my son, I cook, clean and shop online. I enjoy a good sale, fun vacation, love learning about the next beauty craze and spending time with my family. I sometimes do not fully communicate the type of person I am online because at the end of the day I work and I’m exhausted. Unlike bloggers that do this full time and are stay at home moms, I sometimes don’t want my tired face on a screen…lol. Which is why I “story” more over the weekend. Anyways, I realize that most of you do want the tired version of myself because it’s nice to know that you aren’t alone. Someone else is just like you: I work, take care of my kids and home and I’m exhausted at the end of the day…lol. So, my goal is to story more on Instagram and be more honest with all of you. It’s definitely a challenge for me but one I will strive my best to do because I want a solid online community of other awesome women to talk and share ideas with. 

Of course everything you are reading is my opinion and I hope some how it encourages you to set some goals for 2020. You don’t need 10, 15, 20. Just a few to focus on and remind yourself of the “what” aka “what are you working hard for every day”. Every year my husband and I share our goals individually, for our family, and create a vision board. Here is last year’s post on how I do that. We leave ours up in our room all year long to stay motivated. 

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