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Hope you are having a great Sunday. We took a few moments this weekend to go to the beach and it was so refreshing. It was way too cold to go in (at least for us Floridians) but the scenery was beautiful. Sometimes I forget how beautiful Florida can be. On another note, I haven’t been tanning at all during the holiday season since I mostly wear long pants but now that Spring is coming, I wanted to start getting ready to returning to my sunless glow I am very pale (as you already know) and I do not get tan whatsoever. However, I love how I look with a good tan. You just feel and look healthier, skinnier (yes, please!) and vibrant. I am featuring a few of my holy grail self tanning products that I always use. Plus, a new face self tanner that has great reviews,  my favorite bronzing lotion creates the appearance of a tan (makeup) and drug store favorites. I’ll explain it all below.

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  1. I use the Vita Liberata bronzing cream but this time I am gonna buy the Copa Cabana bronzing lotion. This is a bronzing lotion that creates a look of a tan but washes off. I usually wear this over my self tan when I am wearing shorts or a dress. I also use this when I haven’t had time to tan and just need a quick fix. It covers every imperfection and gives the appearance of a fresh vacation tan. 
  2. Tan Luxe Face glow drops and Isle of Paradise face tanner. This is a new product for me. I read the reviews and they are basically the same for both. I chose the Tan Luxe Face glow drops bc I know someone that raved about it. I have very sensitive skin so I will let you know if it doesn’t work because then I’ll get the Isle of paradise which is certified clean at Sephora. Will give an update on this soon!
  3. Self Tanner applicator. This is a must. I have the mitt. It lasts forever. I’m gonna try the makeup brush applicator since I’ve read online that it gives you a better looking coverage. I ordered the Real Techniques brush since it wasn’t expensive and had great reviews. You need a big body brush for something like this. Whatever you choose to do, do not apply with your hands It will not come off and you will have dark hands for weeks. 
  4. Palmers Body lotion or Copa Cabana lotion. To tell you the truth you can use any of these or whatever lotion you prefer. The secret to less blotchy application is first apply lotion. 
  5. Self tanner. I use both of these. I like the spray for my back and for touch ups. I always get the darkest one. I use the Loving Tan a lot, it’s a really nice self tanner that can be done at home. This is the only product I have found that mimics the color of a professional tan. It is also good to use in between professional tans as well. I’ve taken it on vacation to keep up with that tanned appearance. One bottle will last me 4-5 months (usually applying it once a week). I mostly do my legs, arms and décolletage. I don’t do my stomach unless I am wearing a bathing suit.

Here are some tips on how I prep my skin and apply self tanner.  

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