Pregnancy Update…10 Common Questions

Hi Everyone,

I can’t believe that I am already in my last trimester. It’s gone so fast.   This pregnancy has been different in the sense of just going with the flow vs. with Tommy I tracked everything. I think I knew down to the minute of how long I was pregnant. This pregnancy has been super easy except for the occasional nausea. I’m nervous and excited because I think this time around I know what to expect whereas last time I played it day by day. I don’t know which is better, knowing what it takes to raise a newborn or not knowing…lol. Irregardless, we still don’t feel ready but we will get there in time. I am having a baby shower soon and I think that will help me get it all organized. I’ve had a few questions come up during my pregnancy from so many of you and wanted to bring you an update. 

How long did it take you to get pregnant? I got pregnant on the first try. The funniest part is I didn’t use birth control or do anything for two years before. Sometimes miracles happen when they are supposed to. I had a very difficult birth with Tommy so I wanted to really wait for the right time. 

How did you find out you were pregnant? It was in the beginning of the school year in August. I started feeling really nauseous which did not happen with Tommy. I looked at my friend and said, I think i’m pregnant. The funniest thing was it took us three times to take the pregnancy test for it to finally come up positive. We just kept checking because I knew something was up. 

Did you have gender disappointment when you found out you are having another boy? This question honestly bothers me so much. How can I be disappointed that I am having a healthy baby? I said it from the beginning that I did not care whether it was a boy or a girl, there are pros and cons for both. As long as our kids are healthy, that’s all I care about. With all that said I am SO happy I am having a boy. 

Will we try for another? Probably not. I think I am done. Being a busy working Mom, running a business and everything else, I feel complete with two boys. 


Have you told Tommy? This makes me laugh because he is two. People always think he is older because he is so tall, but nope he is two. We talk about Zach all the time, point to my belly, he kisses Zach at night (on my belly) but that’s it. I’m bracing myself for when they meet. I feel like i’ll be emotional about it. 

How much weight have you gained? 25 pounds. With Tommy I gained 35, so we shall see. 

Will you work after you have the baby? Yes, working and keeping busy keeps me mentally healthy. If I didn’t have such a stable support system, I would stay home and probably work from there. I’m very fortunate to have a lot of time off as a teacher. If I worked in a different profession, I might feel differently about it. 

Why do you feel upset when people touch your belly? Okay so at first this started as a joke with my other friends (who also happen to be pregnant) but (if you were pregnant, you might have experienced this before) when people see a pregnant lady with a big belly (like me) people say the weirdest things or just walk up to you and touch your belly without eve knowing you or asking first. These are some of the comments i’ve gotten: Wow you are huge, you need to lose weight! Stop eating so much dessert (I rarely eat dessert), What type of a mother would work while pregnant (yup, not a lie!), Are you sure you aren’t having twins???, and my most favorite: You should go on a diet so the baby won’t be that big. I wish I was lying and making this up but nope it’s true. So I am protective over my belly and my child and what people say to me because people can be nasty and I honestly don’t think they realize it (at least for humanity sake, I hope not). 


Do you still feel nauseous? Not during my 2nd trimester but I recently started to feel weird again. I make sure to have some juice and sit down. I am fortunate to have students who understand and respect that I can’t walk around the classroom a ton like I used to. It’s very mild, but does occasionally happen. 

What are your favorite foods while pregnant? It has changed for me a lot. In the beginning I drank a lot of Sprite and could not stomach sweets. Then it went to fruit punch (same with Tommy); I make sure to drink it very watered down. Then I loved chips (now I am over it), now I don’t know really. The fruit punch and fresh fruit is what I crave the most. Things I can’t stand: uncooked chicken, thick pieces of chicken breast, the smell of chicken microwaved,  and my beloved Nespresso (looks, smells, and tastes like dirty water- which is crazy because I used to loveeee it). I drink tea daily and the occasional Starbucks Iced Coffee. 

Let me know if you have any other questions, can you relate to any of these things?

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