10 Must Have Baby Essentials for Every Mommy + Items that are a Waste of Money

Hi Everyone,

I hope you are having a great week. Before setting up my baby registry, I wanted to consider items that I used a ton for Tommy when he was a baby, instead of a bunch of items that would sit in my closet and never be used. The first month can be a little difficult but if you have a few things that make your life easier, i’d say go for it. My first baby shower I registered for a ton of big ticket items like a new crib, 4 Moms rocker (which I still love!), changing table, etc. However, this time, I just needed a lot of the essentials like a bassinet, bottles, diapers, formula, tub and a few other things. Below, I have narrowed it down to ten.

Stroller Recommendation

You’ll probably notice that I don’t have a stroller on the list but that is because when I created this list I was thinking of the things I would need for a second child. I have a full review of the stroller I love and use here. I have the Uppa Baby Vista (double stroller) and the Cruz (single stroller) and they are both amazing. I’ll be using the  Vista once the second baby comes around. Tommy is already 2 and doesn’t like to spend a lot of time in the stroller, but there are times that i’ll still need it. If you are a first time Mother reading this, you might want to get a double stroller so you can have it for the future. The one I have doesn’t always have to be a double but it can convert to one. 

Some Items That Were a Waste of Money for my First Registry

  1. Any type of a onesie with buttons or snaps all the way down. (if you don’t believe me, ask any experienced parent- they are a pain).
  2. Wipe warmer- I barely used this and it ended up getting mold. 
  3. Dock a Tot- I never used this bc of the risk of SIDS
  4. Diaper Trash can- It ends up smelling the whole room. It’s not work it.
  5. Shoes- I never put shoes on Tommy when he was a baby. They kept popping off. I know some parents do, so this is a personal choice.
  6. Baby Blankets. It’s dangerous, and they end up just collecting dust in the closet. The best are these for warmth. 
  7. Baby Powder. It’s toxic. Use a cream.
  8. Diaper Genie. I never used this but I know others did. Again, it’s a personal decision. I just leave diapers in a box by the diaper changer.

Items that are Commonly Overlooked but Eventually Appreciated


  1. Fridababy NoseFrida Nasal Aspirator
  2. Infant Meds
  3. Thermometer- Get the ear one it’s the most accurate. Unless you want the old fashion ones that go in the butt or mouth.
  4. A fan. Especially if you are having a baby close to Summer or live somewhere hot. 
  5. Milk Snob Multi Functional baby carseat cover. You will really appreciate this. it protects your child from people touching your baby, you can use it in a high chair at a restaurant, and for breast feeding. 

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